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  • Alright Fitlifer, I always like to start out Mindset Monday with a quote "When the best

  • leader's work is done the people say 'We did it ourselves'" -- Lao Tzu. Hi I'm Drew Canole

  • and welcome to another Mindset Monday, remember we're in this together. If you're ever in

  • the San Diego area FitLifer, I want to invite you to work out or have a green drink with

  • one of the people in our team, we've a group of compassionate people that are transforming

  • millions of people's lives, we want to invite you to hang out with us. A young man recently

  • came to me and he was looking for advice, he told me he wanted to be a leader, inspirational

  • speaker, somebody that people looked up to, today I want to take the opportunity to share

  • with you guys what I've learned throughout the years in leadership I want to give you

  • three tools to become a better leader right here, right now. Tool number one, lead from

  • the front, number two is to serve, and number three is to encourage. Number one leading

  • from the front, what does that mean? Well, I'm going to talk specifically about protecting

  • your followers. As a true leader, one finds himself in the front line, all of the time,

  • oftentimes we have this misconception that the leader is just up there for visibility,

  • he's not really doing anything, you have to lead from the front, you have to protect your

  • followers. A little story I liked about Gandhi, a mother brought her son to Gandhi and asked

  • Gandhi to tell her son not to eat sugar, Gandhi agreed and said 'okay, bring him back in two

  • weeks' so in two weeks the mother agreed, brought her son back in two weeks, and Gandhi

  • said 'alright son, stop eating sugar, sugar's bad for you' and the son and mother went home,

  • the son gave up sugar right away, she was puzzled so she went back to Gandhi and said

  • 'Gandhi, my son stopped, why didn't you just tell him in the beginning to stop eating sugar?'

  • Gandhi said, 'well in order for me to tell somebody to stop doing something, I had to

  • stop doing something. You see leadership is all about being congruent; a true leader is

  • congruent in all of their teachings, if I'm going to teach you how to be physically fit

  • Fitlifer, how to be emotionally in charge, how to be spiritually grounded, I better be

  • demonstrating it in my own life. Number two is to serve, as a true leader, it's important

  • to serve those around you, especially when it comes to a trivial task; the true leader

  • serves in the background, it does things people don't normally see. As a leader, I always

  • ask myself, who can I serve today, actually I have an alert on my cell phone that pops

  • up every seven o' clock in the morning and if you're part of the Fitlife team you know,

  • that it pops up and it says who am I going to serve today, who can I help, and it pops

  • up it reminds me that I'm here on this mission, it reminds me that I'm here to encourage,

  • to inspire, and to motivate people to make life-changing situations. Number three, let's

  • talk about encouraging, as a true leader it's important to encourage those around you, people

  • need to be praised when they're doing well, when followers, or fans are struggling, the

  • leader is there to encourage to strive better. Also if there's ever a communication breakdown,

  • the communication has to be open for the team member that is struggling on holding on to

  • a project. You see, I've seen many projects go down in flames because somebody was embarrassed

  • to simply say, you know Drew I've been struggling with this, I'm not able to do this, can you

  • come in here and help me with this, then it's as easy as delegating it to somebody else

  • who has the tools and technologies to get it done right away. So let's recap about this,

  • number one was leading from the front, number two was to serve when it seems like a trivial

  • task, and number three was to encourage. If you like this video, content FitLifer, please

  • give it a big 'ol thumbs up, leave a comment below, and better yet, leave a video response,

  • we absolutely love video responses, I get tired up here being in front of you all the

  • time, and that sometimes we like watching your videos most of the time actually, so

  • leave a video response. Let's talk about who won the book last week, this week's book is

  • the Twenty One Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell. John Maxwell has written

  • a ton of really really good books, this is one of my favorites, it's something that you

  • can implement, I would recommend going through it over the next twenty one days, John Maxwell's

  • book is going out to Braven Corby, Braven congratulations, hopefully I see you one day

  • up here as an inspirational speaker and leader doing your thing my friend. I'm Drew Canole,

  • as always, remember we're in this together, and I'll see you next week.

Alright Fitlifer, I always like to start out Mindset Monday with a quote "When the best


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