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  • Well, this is more like it.

  • Chauffeur driven arrival to Goodwood, the home of Rolls Royce Motor cars.

  • The place where people come when they have mountains of cash.

  • I can't wait to get inside.

  • Good morning.

  • Welcome to Rose.

  • Thank you.

  • I recognize this thing.

  • This is a 1952 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn.

  • This actually served as the muse for the modern day door.

  • If I wanted to build a brand new dawn inspired by this thing, What's the process?

  • Let me take you through.

  • And I'm sure you all right?

  • Cool.

  • This is where the journey we stopped.

  • We all spoke world.

  • What do we start with?

  • Well, what we typically do is start with the exterior paint.

  • So perhaps if we take a look at some of the speed for speed for So we designed a form that we think is a sort of a reflection of the body work on our cars.

  • So if we turn, perhaps it's midnight.

  • Sapphire combined it with Premier Silver.

  • Yes, A good stock.

  • I'll take it.

  • Is that croc?

  • We've got crocodile with ostrich.

  • I was thinking about that stretch, but that might eat into the budget.

  • I went further inside the factory to meet their famous coach line painter.

  • You might have noticed on many Rolls Royces.

  • There are these arrow straight lines that run along the bodywork.

  • Those are applied by robots and they're not stickers.

  • They're actually painted on my hand by one man.

  • You're a legend on you're here.

  • Uh, yes.

  • It's all done by hand.

  • Why you with these?

  • These tiny brushes with a story?

  • A little brushes that are made of squirrel, squirrel, shoulder a little bit and then you can ever get me.

  • How do you so out of the state?

  • I'm probably gonna need to know this.

  • I'm better.

  • Ready, Mike.

  • Children, keep your fingers on the top of the car place.

  • You brush into your existing line there.

  • It feels wrong.

  • It feels wrong.

  • You know?

  • He's a real Rolls Royce.

  • Real pain.

  • How did you think I love you?

  • All right, I'm going for it.

  • It's going on going on.

  • When did I stop?

  • Now stop.

  • That's no, that's no, that's no bad.

  • No national bad.

  • That's probably straight in the New York.

  • Yeah.

  • Next up, the famous monsoon test.

  • All cars go through it to make sure they're 100% watertight.

  • So here we are.

  • I'm surrounded by nozzles closing in on me, and it is It's raining.

  • And it's unbelievable that if a Rolls Royce fails the monsoon test, it has to go back to the very beginning of the process and had everything stripped out, remade, redone.

  • And then it comes back again for more testing licks.

  • Nothing whatsoever.

  • Mice.

  • When the car's ready, the rich and famous come into this room to collect their keys.

  • Have a glass of champagne Onda await their car.

  • A Rolls Royce representative will hand over this, which has a button on it.

  • And if I press it, I should see my car supple.

  • There is a bright new dawn.

  • It's time to take her for a spin.

Well, this is more like it.


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