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Hi everybody!
Today, let's make something sweet.
Some of you requested
"Maangchi, I want some Korean sweet stuff!"
I'm not a sweet stuff person.
Like, I usually don't eat dessert or snack.
But this dessert, this snack is really addictive.
It's called chapssal doughnuts.
Sweet, chewy, doughnut balls.
Filled with sweet red beans. How does it sound?
When you go to a Korean bakery
you see these cute balls
and inside they are filled with sweet red bean paste.
We call these chapssal doughnuts.
Ever since I was young, these are my favorite doughnuts.
Because very chewy
It's like a rice cake.
Because made with glutinous rice flour.
This is one of my guilty pleasures. [laughs]
But I'm really going to try to make a healthy version
by not using so much sugar.
You guys can make it easily at home
for your family. And also
you don't have to worry about too much sugar.
First, I'm going to make sweet red bean filling.
And then making dough is very very easy.
But making sweet red bean filling takes time
so let's start with
difficult thing first. I will use one cup of
azuki beans
I think all are good looking. Let's wash.
Put this in a pot.
When you boil this red beans
you need a really thick pot
like a thick bottomed pot
because we are going to cook for a long time.
If you use a really thin pot
easily boil over, easily burnt.
This is seven cups of water.
Turn on the heat.
And then boil for 30 minutes over medium high heat.
So "pat" - red beans - are really really really hard.
Even though these guys are so small
very hard, so that's why we need to make it tender.
Ok 30 minutes passed. Let's see!
See? Beans are still hard.
But you see there is still a lot of water.
So I'm going to cover this.
Turn off.
Let it sit for another 30 minutes
Meanwhile inside, with hot water
the beans are going to be a little cooked
and a little softer.
Then I have to cook again. So this is
30 minutes cooking, 30 minutes take a break.
I need to set the timer.
30 minutes passed, without
any heat. Let's check it out.
Water is a little darker, more purple color.
It's cooked, but still hard. We need to
make it really tender so I'm going to cover this
and turn on
medium heat. I'm going to cook
this for one hour from now.
So meanwhile, let's make dough now.
This doughnut is very chewy, that's
the key point. So we use
glutinous rice flour, one cup.
And then this is
wheat flour.
One tablespoon.
I will just add baking soda
quarter teaspoon baking soda.
Salt, also quarter teaspoon.
And then sugar.
I just bought this organic cane sugar
but you can use white or brown sugar too.
One tablespoon sugar.
I made many many times
eventually I found out that butter
one tablespoon butter
makes it really much much better. But if you don't
have butter use any vegetable oil.
I melted this butter in a microwave oven
for 20 seconds
This dough we need hot water
really boiling hot water
7 tablespoons, so I'm boiling my water here.
It's really hot, hot water.
Quarter cup.
3 tablespoons more
total 7 tablespoons water
and just mix.
Keep mixing.
So I'm going to use my hand.
Knead this dough until very smooth.
So that you can make a nice shape and nice balls.
If you don't knead enough
the ball is going to be easily burst when you fry this.
It looks like Play-Do!
Very smooth.
I kneaded around 2 minutes. 2 minutes is enough.
And then we have to wait until beans are done.
[Timer rings]
Wow! Really soft!
This is a potato masher.
Really really tender. Soft.
I will just add some water. 3 cups of water.
Let's strain this because I like to collect
only the bean part. I will remove the rough skins.
And then...
These are bean skins.
I want to remove these bean skins.
But still inside the bean skins
a little bit of beans in there.
I will use my hand.
I like to get as much as I can.
To get all beans.
And then soak in this water again.
Pretty much we got all beans.
And squeeze out.
And bean skins. Only skins!
Discard these bean skins.
This strainer, I will use this.
So this is a cotton cloth.
It's too big!
But it's ok. If you use a cheesecloth
3 or 4 times fold, and then use this way.
Well mixed.
And pour this through this cotton cloth.
Let's see, clear water only.
I'm so impatient. So I usually use this method.
Only clear water is coming out.
And then use you hand.
All squeeze out excess water.
I will just get rid of this water.
And then I will show you inside.
What we catch! [laughs]
Look at that!
Really nice, beautiful, soft like mud.
Nice, gorgeous.
Now, we need to make this sweet.
Quarter cup sugar.
Quarter cup rice syrup.
I will add, a quarter teaspoon salt.
One teaspoon vanilla extract.
One teaspoon...
After adding vanilla extract, it smells like a bakery.
Medium high heat.
With this rice syrup and sugar
sooner or later it's going to be really thinner.
I stirred over medium high heat around
6 or 7 minutes.
And then one lump.
All this together is moving around
as one lump, right, see? Like this.
And turn off.
Gather one lump.
Now we have sweet red bean paste and our dough.
And make a shape and fry, that's it! So easy!
So this amount...
I took all my sweet red bean paste from the pot.
And this is, look at this amount, one pound.
Around half, I'm going to use.
So left over half
I will just keep in the freezer, freeze.
And then later I can use this. Still warm! [laughs]
I will take some, around 20 grams is good.
Make nice balls like this.
10 balls.
Long time, no see!
Wow, so soft.
I'm also going to divide this into 10.
Because we have 10 red bean balls.
It shouldn't be dried, so I like to
cover this with plastic wrap.
And then, one by one.
So, just make this...
Like this.
Flatten the balls.
Ok, here...
And then one.
Like this.
Seal it.
Tightly, by pressing this like that.
Beautiful ball. Then here...
And this small guy...
Black sesame seeds.
I heated up this oil, it should be like 300 Fahrenheit.
And, let's see...
Ok 299...
and 300. That's it.
Just slowly, slowly
roll it.
So that it cooks evenly.
Because this is glutinous rice flour
it's really sticky.
And if you don't stir this like this
it may stick to the bottom.
So this way around 5 or 5 minutes
slowly, slowly cook.
So that all this rice cake should be cooked very nicely.
Outside is a little crunchy
and inside is chewy rice cake
filled with sweet red bean. What else we need more?
Really tasty!
I fried this six minutes.
Over low heat.
Oh my, isn't it pretty? Wow!
Let it cool down a little bit.
And then rest of the balls, let's fry. Just low heat.
If this is high heat, easily burst.
While this is cooking, sugar, let's coat in sugar.
Sugar, coated...
And this one...
Two tablespoons sugar I used.
And this flower,
let's put the flower
Gorgeous! Look at this!
Nice even size, really really beautiful beautiful balls.
Even this one looks like a little
bigger than a ping pong ball.
I like to use this as a ping pong, table tennis. [laughs]
I need to really cool down just a little bit.
If this is too hot, it won't coat easily.
10 chapssal doughnuts. 10 balls!
And one flower. [laughs]
Today we made chapssal doughnuts.
10 balls. I'm going to make
another 10 balls with this
my leftover sweet red bean paste.
You want to see inside, what it looks like?
Look at that! It looks like this.
See? Crunchy outside, and chewy
rice cake filled with sweet red bean.
This sweet red bean is not too sweet.
But sweet enough.
And a nice nice nice snack or dessert.
Everybody will love this.
Mmm! Every single part is delicious.
And I also love this texture.
And this flower is really pretty, huh?
Your children will love it.
I'm always happy whenever I hear that you guys made this at home
everybody loves that, that kind of story
it makes me really really happy.
Enjoy my recipe. See you next time!


Korean chapssal doughnuts (Sweet, chewy, doughnut balls filled with sweet red beans)

4 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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