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  • what words of comfort do you have that we can tell?

  • Our Children said that they are not afraid.

  • If they see this as a really horrible monster, that's that's laying out there and they see themselves cowering at home.

  • That's a real bad image for them.

  • But if they see what we're doing as the big, strong resistance, that's a middle picture you want to give to your Children.

  • How important is it to inject a sense of normalcy into your life?

  • Children get upset when they see the routine falling apart, and we're gonna be together a lot more now.

  • So it's very important that they see parents running the business of the family.

  • How do we reduce the anxiety?

  • What makes people have anxiety is when they feel out of control, and I don't want people to feel out of control.

  • If you feel out of control that you think something's gonna jump on you, this is just going to come get you and you're not gonna have any ability to fight back.

  • Based on everything that you've learned.

  • Will it get worse?

  • It's gonna get worse before it gets better.

  • What they need to do is big, compliant social distancing is important.

  • Self isolation is important.

  • When we shut down things and say, Don't get in groups, I respect that.

what words of comfort do you have that we can tell?


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如何克服焦慮,改變人生? (How to Overcome Anxiety and Life Change)

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