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  • Dr Phil knows that anxiety runs deep for many of us.

  • Devoting an entire episode on the topic Wednesday.

  • Dr Phil Daily even hourly.

  • The news changes about the virus, which is causing a lot of people a great deal of anxiety.

  • Can you recommend some tips for folks?

  • Get your facts from a very reliable source like the CDC, for example, Doctor Fancy is probably the most reliable expert that we have right now.

  • You really have to limit the amount of time you're spending focused on this.

  • Get is normal in your routine as you possibly can.

  • Were becoming so obsessed with this.

  • I just want to day you.

  • Tennis superstar Serena Williams took to social media talking about her Corona virus anxiety.

  • I'm just on edge any time anyone sees is around me because, like crazy and I don't hang out with anyone, So when I say anyone, I mean my daughter, she coughed and I got angry.

  • I gave her a sight.

  • I for her to say, you know, I kind of get in the side.

  • I hear somebody that's kind of being aware.

  • Serena is a good example here.

  • When people are dealing with anxiety There's always kind of a light at the end of the tunnel that they should be looking towards.

  • Can you talk about some of the positives that you're seeing during this time of crisis?

  • Right now, this is an opportunity for us to do a lot of things that maybe we've always said, Oh, well, I wish I had time to spend more time with my Children.

  • I wish we as a couple, had more time to spend together to just talkto hangout to do different things.

  • Well, now you do have that time.

Dr Phil knows that anxiety runs deep for many of us.


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