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  • This warehouse usually operates ten hours a day, four days a week packaging and shipping industrial disinfectant products.

    這間倉庫通常一天運作 10 小時,一週 4 天,包裝和運送工業用的消毒劑。

  • Right now, workers are here seven days a week 13 hours a day to keep up with demand from businesses during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

    現在工人一週 7 天、一天 13 小時都在做工,以趕上因為 COVID-19 疫情爆發的商業需求量。

  • Disinfectants have now moved out of the clinical space into the mainstream, and I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future.


  • Virox Technologies is a disinfectant company based out of Oakville, Ontario.

    Virox Technologies 是一家在安大略省,奧克維爾的消毒劑公司。

  • They created the patented solution, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, or AHP, a disinfectant with the ability to kill viruses.

    他們創造了一樣得到專利的解決辦法,加速的過氧化氫,簡寫是 AHP,是有能力殺死病毒的消毒劑。

  • So can Virox keep up with demand and how can their products help fight the novel coronavirus pandemic?

    所以 Virox 可以達到需求產量嗎?這些產品會怎麼幫助打鬥 COVID-19 疫情?

  • Hydrogen peroxide is active against a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and spores.


  • Naturally speaking, hydrogen peroxide is an unstable molecule.


  • That means that it likes to break down from hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.


  • Virox's AHP technology combines hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients which Virox claims creates an effective cleaning agent but one that is environmentally-friendly and safe to use on a variety of products and materials.

    Virox 的 AHP 科技結合了過氧化氫和其他成分,Virox 宣稱其他成分是有效的清洗劑,並且對環境友善,可以在多種產品和材質上安全使用。

  • As businesses around the country temporarily shutter, Virox is producing five-times more AHP products than usual.

    當國內的商家都暫時關門,Virox 目前生產平常五倍量的 AHP。

  • Today, their technology is being used in nursing homes and health care systems like Northwell Health and cleaning companies for the virus-stricken cruise ship Diamond Princess are required to have experience with Virox products.


  • This is the area that we call where the magic happens.


  • That's all the innovation work, novel synergies, novel technologies and formulation work that leads to the production of our antimicrobial disinfectants.


  • Here are some examples of different formats of products that we have.


  • We have wider bucket wipes, smaller format wipes, ready-to-use sprays, and concentrates.


  • This here, you see a wide-format wipe.


  • The size of it is larger.


  • It's mainly used for disinfecting surfaces by janitary and sanitary crew.


  • The coronavirus pandemic has crippled the roughly 40 billion USD U.S. cruise industry.

    COVID-19 疫情已經重創美國遊輪工業,虧損四百億美元。

  • The world's four biggest cruise lines said that they were cutting short voyages and suspending U.S. sailings for a month.


  • Major cruise lines are using AHP products to disinfect their ships.

    主要的遊輪都使用 AHP 產品來消毒船隻。

  • So usually in the cruise industry, you have the workers using reusable microfiber wipes, and they often put them in a little basin and pour our disinfectant solutions to completely saturate them.


  • They'll start disinfecting from higher to reach areas and do their disinfection and make sure they touch all the surfaces going from top to bottom, and later move to lower areas like desk surfaces and tables and railings, chairs possibly, making sure that the disinfectant is evenly applied on all surfaces.


  • In early March, the EPA released a list of products qualified for use against the novel coronavirus including information about the amount of time a surface has to remain wet for effective disinfection and whether the product has demonstrated efficacy against a harder-to-kill virus than this one.

    三月初時,EPA (美國國家環境保護局) 釋出一張可用來對抗 COVID-19 的產品表,包括資訊像是:表層的消毒劑需要保持濕度多久才有用、產品有沒有對付過比 COVID-19 還難纏的病毒。

  • Virox products were there alongside bleach, ethanol, and quaternary ammonium-based disinfectants, among others.

    Virox 的產品出現在上頭,其他產品還有漂白水、乙醇、 第四銨的消毒劑等等。

  • While these products have not been tested specifically against the novel coronavirus, the EPA has listed them as they have demonstrated efficacy against a harder-to-kill virus or against another similar human coronavirus according to an EPA spokesperson.

    根據 EPA 的發言人,雖然這些產品沒有被實際拿來與 COVID-19 的病毒測試過,但 EPA 列出它們,因為它們成功對抗過更難對付的病毒,或是曾經對付過相似病毒。

  • Our competition is not brands.


  • It is legacy chemistries, chemicals that have been used for decades, sometimes 50, 60 years that have remained unchanged.


  • All the while, the bugs are mutating, but the chemicals stayed the same, so it's not terribly difficult to disinfect a surface.


  • It's difficult to disinfect a surface without hurting the surface or the person doing it and the environment post use.


  • The cleaning and hygiene company Diversey bought the intellectual property rights to AHP technology from Virox in December and distributes it to more than 28 countries around the world.

    清潔衛生公司泰華施,在十二月向 Virox 買下了 AHP 科技的智慧財產權,並把它發散到全世界 28 個國家。

  • The company has seen an eight-fold increase in orders of Virox AHP products since the beginning of the outbreak and it's increasing month over month.

    自從疫情爆發後,泰華施的 Virox AHP 產品有增加過八倍的訂單,現在訂單一個月比一個月多。

  • I mean, if you take a look at SARS from 2003 and you take a look at where we are today, there's been a number of mini outbreaks in between there, so you had MERS in the Middle East, again, another virus transmitted from an animal, and then in between there, you've had community outbreaks of MRSA, VRE.

    如果你看看 2003 年的 SARS,你再看看現在,其實中間都有一些小型的疫情爆發,像是中東的 MERS (中東呼吸症候群冠狀病毒),也是從動物傳染而來的病毒,中間也有過 MRSA (抗藥性金黃葡萄球菌)、VRE (抗萬古黴素腸球菌) 的疫情爆發。

  • The infection prevention experts call it the "bug of the week club."


  • They do not expect that this is the end.


  • This is just possibly the new norm.


  • All of this activity will make people more prepared, more aware, and you're gonna see different procedures, processes put in place in terms of state of readiness.


This warehouse usually operates ten hours a day, four days a week packaging and shipping industrial disinfectant products.

這間倉庫通常一天運作 10 小時,一週 4 天,包裝和運送工業用的消毒劑。

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