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  • Hi.

  • It's about midnight on a Saturday and we're here at a recycle shop, So we're gonna go inside and take a look.

  • Come in.

  • Now this recycle shop.

  • It's really cool because they buy and sell almost everything in anything, and that includes instruments, books, DVDs, uh, clothing, shoes, accessories, cellphones and even pornography.

  • You can buy sets of used manga as, like a serious.

  • So for this 11234567 get seven for 800 yen.

  • 300 yen for 10 books.

  • Actually, I'm here right now because I bought a recently and I don't have any games.

  • So I thought I'd come and buy like someone the cheapest games I could find.

  • This game used to be cheaper, like 500 yen, but it's expensive again.

  • It looks like the cheapest game I could find A CZ we fit minus the board for 180 ends a less than $2 way.

  • Find anything I want to buy.

  • If you have any suggestions for Wii games, please let me know.

  • Don't spend a lot of money.



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A2 初級

[字幕]日本回收店:我去了回收店漫畫倉庫。 ([字幕付き] Japanese Recycle Shop リサイクルショップ漫画倉庫いってきたと)

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