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  • Hey guys, how's it going?

  • It's Micaela.

  • And I hope you're enjoying the fine autumn weather, it's finally cool enough to enjoy

  • being outside without sweating your face off.

  • Um, so as you guys know, Tatsu and I, on our days off, we like to get in the car, we like

  • to go on road trips with our dog, Kit.

  • Big yawn, such a sweet heart.

  • But like many comments have mentioned, often we leave Lon-kun, our cat, home alone, and

  • um, Lon-kun's been stressed out lately so we've been thinking about how we could, you

  • know, add some excitement to his life, and I found this backpack online.

  • I'm sure you guys have seen it before too, like, I think that they were kind of viral

  • for a while, these capsule bubble backpacks for cats.

  • And after doing a bunch of research I found one that was big and comfy and that had enough

  • ventilation and enough air holes to seem worth buying, so, for the past few days we've been

  • getting Lon used to riding around in this.

  • Hello Lon!

  • You are a cat!

  • Hello Lonnie!

  • It's a big old world out there, Lonnie!

  • Get a good look Lonnie!

  • It's gorgeous!

  • Lon seems to take to the capsule backpack really well so today--this big ray of sunshine

  • is right behind my head.

  • Um,

  • Get out, get out!

  • Um, today we're going to go on a little trip, and see how Lon handles a day out and about

  • with Me and Tatsu and the dog!

  • Should be fun!

  • "Sou, Ima Ga Ichiban".

  • "Ima Ga Ichiban?"

  • "Ichiban No Season."

  • "Migoro."

  • "Migoro?"

  • Look at these flowers!

  • So pretty.

  • Yeah.

  • So we're here, I have my cat on my back, and um we're going to take a walk through these

  • fields of cosmos flowers, cosmos are these fall flowers and they're in bloom right now,

  • I think they're only going to be in bloom for like another week and then they're going

  • to start to wilt, so we came at like, the perfect time.

  • And there's like, fields upon fields of these cosmos flowers here in this park.

  • So let's see what Lon-kun and Kit think of these flowers.

  • What do you think he thinks?

  • What do you think he thinks?

  • Do you think he, like, understands that we're in a field full of flowers?

  • I can feel him moving around--Lonlon?

  • Where are ya?

  • This is so pretty, I really hope Lon is loving this as much as I am.

  • There's another Kit!

  • Kitto!

  • It's a clone!

  • It's a clone!

  • What are you going to DO, it's a clone?

  • "Dou suru?

  • Dou suru?"

  • "Yabai jan!"

  • If you're wondering how I'm getting these shots, I'm actually stealth-sneaking behind

  • Lon with the camera...

  • Ugh, my legs are tired!

  • Too much squatting.

  • Alright, I think that that was a lot of exploring for him, but I don't want him to get too deep

  • into the flower beds, and that's clearly where he wants to hide, so I think it's time to

  • put him back in his backpack and maybe take a short walk and then go home!

  • Alright there are my handsome boys, aw, Lon doesn't like that he had to go back inside.

  • I'm sorry Lon!

  • But we'll do this again!

  • Have you seen the commercials with the Japanese guys pretending to be pregnant?

  • No.

  • That's literally you.

  • Right now.

  • Now you have to go to the store, and you have to ride busses, and you have to experience

  • what life is like as a woman.

  • What do you think though?

  • It's pretty easy to use, right?

  • "Un, tsukaiyasui ne."

  • "Tsukaiyasui."

  • "Chotto space mo aru shi."

  • "Lon-kun ni totte wa ii kamo ne."

  • "Sou ne."

Hey guys, how's it going?


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