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come back in Japan.
As you can see, I came back a couple of weeks ago, actually, but, um, it's exam season right now, so I had no time to make any video.
Sorry, actually, Don't really have time now, either.
But I miss you guys, and I thought I would make it quick response to me.
What's in my bag?
Tag And sure you guys, what's in my school bag and my other bag Have two bags.
This is my school bag for the brand name on the side, Rock on the side.
These are like my two favorite colors.
So I love this thing, and then I've got a smaller bag that I take when I don't need, like my textbooks or anything.
We'll start with my school bag, your months energy bars, because I don't have time to eat real food.
The best gun ever.
This fits magic.
It's all the flavors of gum you could ever imagine mixed together.
You see, you guys can read Japanese but orange, mint, beach, lemon passion fruit, blueberry, lime and then a mystery flavor like How are you supposed to guess what the last flavor is like?
How could you possibly be able to pick that out of the other seven flavors in there?
I don't know.
Anyways, this stuff taste great.
So if you come to Japan, try this stuff.
I like it.
Hand warmers Mir about this from a viewer, actually.
Thank you very much.
That was very sweet of you.
Adorable, my planner.
Because I'm insanely busy.
I don't write it all down.
Then I go crazy.
Ben Pink plan, Schedule the towel.
Japanese bathrooms usually don't have papers.
No, Never have paper towels.
And usually I don't have a hand dryer.
So if you don't have a towel with you, then there's no dry hence, so you'll quickly learn to bring it.
With you in your bag if you come to Japan.
My sister made me this.
Oh, Mark registration sheet.
I have spring break starting february 4th.
Um, but I'm gonna use my vacation to take some more classes so that my last year university won't be too insane.
Hopefully phones hunk o um, if you don't wanna hunt guys, it's a Japanese.
It's like, um, it's a replacement for a signature in Japan.
So instead of signing things, Japanese people use this stamp, which is engraved with your name.
And then you dip it in ink and you stamp stuff with it.
It's pretty cool and good soccer on it.
Yes, I need this.
When I basically do anything at school, sign up for classes, um, collect my paycheck, etcetera.
So I have to have this in my bag, and I always forget to bring it because I'm just not used to carrying this around.
Um, so yeah, I had it too.
Memory stick.
Living on the bag.
Number two Chapstick Job stick, chopstick, chapstick.
Uh, chapstick.
I have an obsession.
Is that the best thing ever?
By the way, thes air.
The Japanese version, they're smaller by Maybelline baby lips on.
These are the ones that I'm using at the moment.
They're the ones that haven't opened yet.
Why are these ones in Canada while it my bank book?
Yes, it looks like it's for 10 year olds.
Bank books and Japan are super cute.
They'll have characters on that lot, all of them.
But you know most of them.
When you go to choose your bankbook, he can choose which character you want on it.
Minds tempted.
Oh, come on, stickers.
Why not about these?
From the secondhand store near my house?
I think they originally came with, um, snacks, bread.
And then people sell them to the recycle store.
And then people like me by him again and put them on everything they own.
And that is what it If any of you want to leave a video response to show me what's in your bag, that would be awesome.
English, Japanese, whatever language you like.


What's in my bag! (Japan style) 鞄の中身をチェックしようぜ!

11 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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