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  • Yeah.

  • Wait a lot of like how you do it every morning in depend Joe Show.

  • You wake me up in the morning, would you?

  • Let's see the view the next morning.

  • Right now.

  • Still hasn't come out way.

  • Architecture out here is they have buildings like this all over the place way.

  • Strawberry Park have caved in the cave with Swath, you say?

  • I couldn't say somebody was video symbiosis.

  • You like it?

  • I love it.

  • Thank you for the board.

  • Way.

  • Unit Unit were Way go.

  • I'm ready.

  • Yeah, my keys.

  • As I told you, it's still under construction.

  • Thing is not mine.

  • Oh, I just have the the place that you see.

  • You have the other side.

  • Yeah, as they are not so many people.

  • And we are on the weekend.

  • We can come here for skate kick.

  • You just are not only first push down on your left foot, then you slide your foot up.

  • Push down your foot.

  • Yeah.

  • So he's gonna trip up in the ground.

  • Or why?

  • So I don't know what this is, but this is like a traditional French meal, right?

  • It's basically a cheese and meat plate.

  • You just have to warm your cheese on this machine, and then you throw that she's like, completely melt on the potato on the meat.

  • You can put it on what?

  • Whatever you want, as long as you have melted cheese and put it on yours.

  • Spread with needs.

  • Always more cheese.

  • Stinky smell.

  • Yeah.

  • My favorite part is these French bread is everyone walking around in the streets with this bread like it under there for you.

  • And then you will pour it on your player here.

  • Wait.

  • Oh, he's bleeding.

  • It is on the ground.

  • So?

  • So No way, Louise.

  • 20 2020.

  • On my way.

  • He's just doing this shit.

  • Skip that way.

  • State or die.

  • You doing all right?

  • No, that's Tony Hawk Pro No more.

  • He's flipped on, love.

  • Okay, wait.

  • Make love to wait.

  • Let's go.

  • Never tried it before.

  • It's always think I believe this is she moans first time trying it.

  • Film it, film it.

  • Fucking tease Melted hand to get the game up.

  • Juicer.

  • You got games on your phone?

  • Oh, you're talking shit talking shit.

  • Let me see you exactly the way you, Brock Lusitania.

  • Are you from all I'm from a Greek Greek Greek salad from Greek.



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