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  • Hey, guys.

  • Happy New Year.

  • Hey, guys, how's it going?

  • My name is Michaela and it's already February.

  • I don't know how that happened.

  • There still was my birthday.

  • I went to Tokyo.

  • I went to a soccer from work.

  • I went to Taipei.

  • I caught a cold and completely lost three days in January.

  • Have no idea where they went to like what I did.

  • Uh, it was pretty intense.

  • Did a lot of TV work, did a lot of promotion, started promoting a pizza company in Fukuoka.

  • They actually handed these flyers out to everyone in my neighborhood.

  • And now I'm afraid to go outside.

  • Well, needless to say, January was super super busy and I just I found that in my free time I didn't really want to be in front of a camera anymore.

  • But today I saw something at 7 11 and I got super excited.

  • I knew I just had to show you something.

  • Here you go.

  • I'm so happy.

  • The 1st 1 I want to try, of course, is sacred in Chi guy.

  • In foreign countries, we do not really have Sacra as a flavour.

  • So a lot of people might be wondering What?

  • Soccer It tastes like Sock.

  • It tastes like a warm spring day.

  • Gonna taste like the smiles of young Children all across Japan.

  • Soccer tastes like confessing to your Sam by that you're truly in love with him.

  • Sock gonna taste like your first crush sake.

  • Tastes like a fuzzy puppy.

  • What?

  • Just getting it mostly tastes like cherry.

  • It is a very distinct cherry flavor.

  • Um, it's been saltier than a regular cherry, I suppose, actually looking at the ingredients right here.

  • It's a sour cherry sauce.

  • So there you go.

  • How go e?

  • I don't know if it's because it's kind of melted or if that's the way it's supposed to be.

  • What's God have got this red glaze on?

  • Uh, if I had to choose, I would say I prefer the stock went out to the rose.

  • This taste like something I would spray on my body and not something that I would put in my mouth.

  • But if you like Rose, if you like eating roses, I don't know.

  • I'm not gonna judge you.

  • I'm not.

  • But then this ice cream might be for you.

  • So there you have it, Rose.

  • Oh, so there you have it Rose flavored ice cream and socket up flavored ice cream.

  • Have you ever tried Rose or soccer flavored ice cream?

  • Do you think you like it?

  • I don't understand.

  • Japan loves seasonal products.

  • And for Japanese people, seeing a bunch of soccer flavored products appearing in stores sense kind of like a subliminal subconscious signal that spring is on its way, which thank God, because it is so cold.

  • It is so cold right now.

  • I just I can't you know.

  • Have you ever tried it?

  • Exactly.

  • Flavored products.

  • What's your favorite way to eat?

  • Secretary?

Hey, guys.


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