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  • I've got to admit that I'm a pretty heavy sleeper,

  • and I've yet to find an alarm clock

  • that does the job.

  • Even my cat can't wake me up.

  • So, it's time to do something about it.

  • I decided to see what was really going on

  • inside this pathetic alarm clock.

  • So, I removed all the screws and the case.

  • I located the wires that went to the tiny speaker

  • that was supposed to wake me up,

  • and decided to take some measurements to

  • see what I was dealing with.

  • That one inch speaker is going to be replaced with

  • a 140 decibel electric horn.

  • Well, is one enough?

  • I don't think so.

  • So, I'm going to double it up.

  • This should wake me up.

  • I dug through my power supplies and found this 12 volt A/C

  • adapter with enough amps to push these horns.

  • And I'll be using the relay that came with

  • the horns to wire everything up.

  • So, I got some jumpers out and started doing some testing.

  • I soldered two wires to the switch that go to the

  • existing speaker and closed it all up because

  • it's time to wire everything now to the relay.

  • So, I began soldering in the wires for power,

  • the two wires coming from the clock radio, and

  • the wires going to the horns.

  • Heat shrink tubing was added and our relay is done.

  • Now for the final connections to our horns.

  • With power going to both horns and ground.

  • And now it's time to test it out.

  • (car alarms blaring)

  • What a shot to the ticker!

  • I don't think I'll ever have trouble waking up again.

  • And there's the world's loudest alarm clock.

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I've got to admit that I'm a pretty heavy sleeper,


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世界上最大聲的鬧鐘! (World's Loudest Alarm Clock!)

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