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  • Hi.

  • So we're in a vintage guitar shop in kitchen Joji.

  • As you can see, he has a huge collection of used guitar vintage guitars, and the oldest one he was saying is 30.

  • Now we're gonna learn a little bit about vintage guitars about speaking.

  • Wait, I didn't say hi changed us.

  • Hi.

  • Been teaching?

  • You taught that he did in this.

  • But you got to you He didn't work in cutting.

  • Now we're here at Paradise in Paradise.

  • I can only say what pit on youth and dog.

  • Okay, pets are allowed.

  • Please keep pets on a leash while shopping.

  • I told you that while we're here in kitchen Joji looking at all these amazing shops, why not stop in the pet store and buy something for our little friends?

  • Wait.

  • Cool.



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[總是和朋友在一起!] #13號吉祥寺 [總是和朋友們在一起] 13號吉祥寺 ([いつも仲間と!] #13 吉祥寺 [Always With Friends!] #13 Kichijoji)

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