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  • guess where I'm going today to the world's first kick cats are I am hearing he gave Japan and the world's first kick.

  • Cats are open yesterday, January 17.

  • So let's go see what it's like.

  • No.

  • Have some fancy Kit Kat flavors that they don't sell anywhere else.

  • We're pretty excited to go in, but look at the line.

  • We're gonna be here for a while, so really, they've got three special favors.

  • He has brought a dark chocolate chili and then a much with cherry blossom extract in it.

  • That sounds awesome.

  • But a lady just came out here and said that one of the flavors is already sold out.

  • I don't even know how that's possible because we just got here like, five minutes ago.

  • We just are open, so I don't know what we will see.

  • Waken slowly see the kid can't supply diminishing way might not make it in time, which is look, show.

  • That's right, ladies here.

  • But how much of this?

  • It's really similar to the regular much.

  • There's something different.

  • I don't know what it is.

  • Hi, Chili sauce.

  • A Japanese lady eating this second ago she was like, Oh my God go.

  • Gonna?

  • Which is Bye.

  • These have a special bitter flavor.

  • Apparently, they only sell 300 of these for days.

  • So you gotta get here early if you want.

  • Yeah, E.

  • Let's look at what best of all, we have B special much with cherry blossom extract.

  • It comes in this super cute package.

  • Next we have chili.

  • That's what the box looks like.

  • Special dark, my special present.

  • We already sampled these in the store, So I'm gonna try this one on the fancy one that they only saw 300 of a day that I came on.

  • Oh, that's so good.

  • It's definitely super dark chocolate.

  • Maybe even 75%.

  • Definitely a lot higher quality than the ones you buying this for America.

  • All right, let's try the apple ones.

  • I'm excited.

  • This is one kick out flavor I've never tried.

  • Oh, it's so pretty.

  • Thank you.

  • Oh, my God.

  • No choice here.

  • Oh, my God.

  • These are so good.

  • I kind of just like apple pie that's coated in shock.

  • And they smell so yummy.

  • There's no talking after five.

  • If you go to the Kit Kat store, definitely spend 40 bucks so that you can get the free apple ones.

  • I'm not sure how long will have this flavor for, but colder soon.

  • Totally work that.

  • All right.

  • So I hope you guys enjoyed our interruption of the kid Castor gave a widow Japan.

  • I'm It's permanent source.

  • Like come to Japan.

  • It will be here for you.

  • And apparently every season they change the flavors that they have.

  • I think they have three new flavors every season.

  • So we will come back in the spring and see what they have then Thanks for watching.

guess where I'm going today to the world's first kick cats are I am hearing he gave Japan and the world's first kick.


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世界首家Kit KAT專賣店在東京 世界首家Kit Kat專賣店在池袋開業 (World's First KIT KAT STORE in Tokyo 世界初キットカット専門店 池袋)

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