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  • I'm gonna jump behind.

  • It s so stale to tow the car in a wide angle and it's got that.

  • I don't know.

  • I must kill you.

  • Get Yeah.

  • Morgan City, one of the percussion because of 10 men.

  • Hi.

  • This show Basco is a skull.

  • They blame us.

  • Put on any duck.

  • No show.

  • I don't have us go.

  • So Saddam using on Tabasco's also this Because I'm going to tell because I'm according to die skaters.

  • You appease that.

  • Go on in Sydney.

  • Cock it this time, didn't I?

  • She issues.

  • It was kind of like a Japanese Citrus and use a kosher like, um, using pepper is very, very famous, especially in Kyushu.

  • And cool guy.

  • But hopefully go, Go, go, go, go, go, go!

  • Could've also He punished me.

  • What more could she took me?

  • Your cuddle.

  • You cannot should not be here when I got there.

  • I know how she does not Manuel.

  • I don't want them.

  • Us.

  • No kidding.

  • I don't know the council instead.

  • Okay.

  • Looking guy.

  • Sure.

  • Hold on, Norman.

  • Commendable.

  • Juvenile boot.

  • So but sorry.

  • What has started?

  • A sewer York overtone You can't cut the mountain will take.

  • You must try and keep up tonight.

  • You know the military commission like So you got a point there, Charlie?

  • Not dear to me.

  • Home dish.

  • What kind?

  • I don't leave us at the school again.

  • Then a lot about it.

  • You go, Captain Couples conch in a Jamaica seem much, much noble Sweet could beat it.

  • Beautiful Citrus beer and strawberry beer from Kolkata.

  • What do you think?

  • No, let me dinos name.

  • Why not dozens and dozens.

  • And this kid?

  • Baltimore No record of any way she won't, Nana.

  • Okay, on school Could be Mom.

  • Mom, are you recording all motion?

  • Genetic?

  • And I thought what they cut under you?

  • They said, Are you watching?

  • Good night.

  • He kind of needed it.

  • You can't deny it Is comfortable them on?

  • Not God.

  • No.

  • Not gonna do it too cold today.

  • So not a lot of this.

  • She told me that I shouldn't get me thes air.

  • Penis flavored thes air.

I'm gonna jump behind.


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來自福岡的土特產 攜帶到加拿大的土特產:福岡版。 (Souvenirs from Fukuoka カナダに持って行くお土産:福岡編)

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