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  • You came all this way just for us? I see your people are still locked in agonizing bliss.

  • I can't even zig zangle I'm in such a good mood! Why does our great prophet punish us?

  • Prophet? These readings... show some kind of massive life form engulfing this sector...

  • It's Wankershim! Part of his essence must have concentrated here as his being expanded

  • throughout the universe. They're trapped inside a sassy, unresolved pocket of Wankergy!

  • Oh it's too much, oh it's too much! Catbug, come in! This is Catbug! Hi Chris, over!

  • We'll modify the ships' Antimatter Blowhole Coils while you set up a dispersal array to protect

  • the aliens from... whatever Wankergy does. I'm sending you down to the planet!

  • Aye-firmative! Seriously? He needs to learn about responsibility. Help him put together

  • an away team. Well yes, Ma'am! Whoo!

  • Catbug! According to this, the Santeans have worshiped the Wankershim entity for centuries.

  • That's ludacrisp! Is Wankershim really here? I sense his elfy consciousness all around us.

  • We are the illusion and he is the reality! Today we rejoin the Wankerself!

  • Ha! HAHAA! Okay everybody! We gotta set, we gotta set up these Wankergy Deflectors twenty meters in...

  • that direction! You're a born leader, Catbug. Thanks Slippy!

  • Don't fill the cat's head with hokum, Slippy Napkins! Look at these poor people!

  • What? Good moods ain't a problem! They need our help! You heard Catbug! Let's move! Nursery school!

  • Greetings! We're helpers from space! I just... want an ice cream...

  • Can't... sell... mah sugar cones bro... That one melted! I'll fix it! What kind do you

  • want? They got Strawberry, Rocky Road, Rainbow, Peppermint, Sugar-Free Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate

  • Nog-- That's for you, sir.

  • Old Fashioned Cotton Squash, Super Chinese Peanut Butter-- Sssuper Chinese Peanut Butter? That's the one I'm standing in!

  • That's okay fella!

  • We did it! Heh. Thaaannk yyyooou!! Thank you! Hahh!

  • Awhuhh! It's always been Wankershim!

  • Aw, nursery school! This mission is like a hot slap in the puss!

  • But these sweethearts need help with the sexy energy!

  • Sexy energy my ass, Slippy Napkins! You need a helmet to protect yourself!

  • That's dangerous! I'm an extremophile! I can survive in any

  • environment from deep sea to deep... space... oh mama... ha ha ha ha! Dopamine and oxytocin

  • levels rising! My Impossibells are ringin now! Hah! Whoo, oh! Hahaha! You fools can

  • shove the mission! HAA! You're a buffoon! Come back here and follow Catbug's orders this

  • instant! Good heavens! Can he do that? I think we should send that guy to the brig! Is the air really breathable? Hey man, safety in numbers bro! That bear doesn't know what he's talking about!

  • Everybody! Quiet down! Away Team, quiet down please! Everyone! Everything's gonna be fine! You just need to believe! Clap your hands if you believe!

  • I believe! I do I do! Okay! Now let's help THAT GUUUY!

  • I'm just tryin to herd my Turts into this

  • pie shell! Now they're safe! That baseball team is trying to hot glue a wig on the hippo!

  • That fireman is trying to draw an indy comic about his own life!

  • That squirrel can't balance on that candy cane! Those billy goats are trapped in the carwash!

  • Potty break!

  • Wallow to Away Team, come in. Wallow? Wallow is that you? Oh man, where's

  • your helmet? It's too late for me! Hahaha woo! This Wankergy is ticklin my Impossibuns

  • somethin fierce. Are you laying on the ground? Where's Catbug-- Wallow, When I got angry,

  • I'm sorry for those times... I raised my hand to you... I'm drawing a nice pair of pumps

  • in the sand, these are for you baby... You're gonna be okay man. Everybody hold on!!

  • Something happened on the surface! The pressure finally built up to a massive Wankergetic release!

  • And then everything changed... What changed?

  • The ecosystem? The atmosphere? No... everything.

  • Every other planet in the Universe just started revolving... around this one. That's not possible!

  • And I made fun of your weight but you know I love more than a handful! Dude what happened down there?

  • No! I got something I need to admit. No you don't-- I DYE MY FUR--

  • ...Good job Away Team! Catbug! Did you finish the Dispersal Array?

  • We didn't do it! Plum's right... Santee Major just became the

  • center of the Universe! Are the Santeans okay?

  • I'm afraid they all turned into a fine vapor and floated up that'a way.

  • Is that okay? I'm pretty sure it's OKAY! Sure, everything's okay buddy! Over and out.

  • Weren't we supposed to help these people? Well... they're probably one with Wankershim

  • now. That can't be too bad, right?

  • That was a mistake. Yeah we probably shouldn't have trusted Catbug. Hangover!

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You came all this way just for us? I see your people are still locked in agonizing bliss.


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B2 中高級

Catbug在 "Catbug的客隊 "中擔當重任--(《最強戰隊》第二季第7集)。 (Catbug Takes Charge in "Catbug's Away Team" - (Bravest Warriors Season 2 Ep. 7))

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