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  • something happened in the last general election that properly fractured what the Labour Party had considered its base, the people it was invented to represent and and exists for.

  • And so it's important to come here and have some pretty robust conversations with people in Grimsby who is to blame for what happened to Lady party in the last general election.

  • People do mention Jeremy Corbyn.

  • There's no point pretending otherwise.

  • But to suggest that it's Jeremy Corbyn's fault that we lost in 2015 or that we lost in 2010 is not fair.

  • That needs to be a fundamental change in our understanding of where we've been going wrong.

  • For me, the whole thing is about trust.

  • So it is about how we go about building trust, and that isn't going to happen overnight.

  • It's not going to happen on the first day that we are back there just because you know I have a personality that people think is good, it won't happen like that.

  • What it will have to be use them is a team effort.

  • You will have to appeal to a labor membership that has been very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn.

  • People remember about you that you said you would stop him in the front rather than the back.

  • A lot of the labor membership may see you as Hoff style to Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Do you need to get over that?

  • It is a clear metaphor to say that I would always be up front with him, which I then went on to bay.

  • I think that the reality is if if that is the most important thing to you and you can't sit down and talk to Mae on Dhe, hear my side of the story, your Southern story, then you know that that's a shame.

  • But I have to move on because we have a job to do.

  • We all have a job to do.

  • D regret these of language.

  • One of the reasons that people in the country actually like people like May is because I talk a little bit like them, and that means I will make mistakes.

  • And that means I will admit when I make mistakes as well.

  • So, yes, if I could turn back time, I would I would say I won't speak behind Jeremy Corbyn's back.

  • I will always tell him to his space.

  • What about this sort of program of nationalization, That party advocating the last few years, that something you stick with.

  • The truth is is that politics has to be about choices on dhe.

  • Yes, I would like to see the rail re nationalized, but first, I would want to make sure there was no homeless people on our streets.

  • So in terms of this sort of sweeping program of nationalization, you'd maybe have another look at that.

  • Yeah, I think that the manifesto in and of itself in the both the previous two manifestos for a start off, we didn't win on them.

  • And we have to recognize that.

  • So just saying, Oh, you're going to take it on wholesale Would not be the Labour Party actually accepting what has just been said to bit by the country.

  • For a lot of people, the manifesto was an avalanche when they needed a lifelong.

  • Given the events that happened today between Iran and the U.

  • S.

  • How would you?

  • You know, you could be a future Prime Minister.

  • How would you respond to that?

  • What I would do if I was the Prime Minister in this situation is seek to be talking to the president of the United States to ask what the outcome of the actions what was intended.

  • Because the reason it feels reckless, the reason it feels dangerous is because the faith that we have currently in the current commander in chief is that we don't know what the plan is.

  • What's his plan?

  • One of the things that people you know maybe think about you is that unlike a lot of politicians, you are somebody that you could go for a pint where you could, you know, you seem like the type of person that you know could relate and can relate to normal people.

  • On the flip side of that, do you think people see you as a stateswoman?

  • As somebody that could go into trade negotiations with Donald Trump?

  • That could go to the G 20 and all of that stuff to suggest that you can't relate to people and then be studious and take your work seriously is not something I understand.

  • If I'm honest, I just want to ask you a swell about social media on the level of abuse you get.

  • Is that something?

  • I feel like you're one of one of the maybe top targets when it, like, appears, there's a sort of ticker on the bottom of New Scream.

  • Just Phillips would or wouldn't rape.

  • And it's just when you worked with people who had been raped for many, many years like I did.

  • It's harrowing tohave that that leveled thrown at you.

  • But it is absolutely nothing.

  • Nothing will ever silence May every single time that people like that try to use violence or threats to silence people like May.

  • It just gives me fuel just jammed up further.

  • I also need to ask you about Brexit.

  • Is there anything positive from your perspective about Brexit?

  • We've got to get on with making that the best is and the only positive thing I can say about it is that at least it's just a and the country can now work towards getting the very best Dale and actually getting the government to deliver on all those promises that they wrote on sides of buses.

something happened in the last general election that properly fractured what the Labour Party had considered its base, the people it was invented to represent and and exists for.


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