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  • on the way to the airport for evacuation.

  • We got there out front, Karen and myself in the back, waiting here.

  • The toll bridge over the I think we're waiting till one o'clock.

  • I think that's the deadline.

  • It was a bit of a breakdown in communication.

  • It's half past 12 now.

  • At night.

  • Got me goggles.

  • Don't.

  • All right, Goggles.

  • Go on when I'm in the bus, but yeah runs around.

  • There's another two buses over there.

  • I think there'll be 200 people on the plane, but nothing's then.

  • I was still all up in the air.

  • We never see.

  • We're here at the toll bridge before you go to the airport taking names, make sure everyone's on the list.

  • Chinese watching.

  • Everything's going smoothly.

  • Got a lift from kind.

  • Very kind of him.

  • Get ready to go.

  • Okay, I shall get on the bus.

  • Let's go home.

  • Well, England first from that home.

  • More people checking in, seeing who's going to Britain, his flying on further, the rest of us waiting.

  • Well, I'll go through security soon once these guys have finished signing the papers.

  • So far, so good.

  • Just love.

  • We're getting our tickets for the plane.

  • Ronan, I wrote it.

  • Maybe don't say that.

  • I got tickets for the plane.

  • Strange system.

  • But you know the way to do it Looks like our boy.

  • I'm getting us out.

  • It's a little while to wait.

  • No, we're getting out of here.

  • Okay, maybe.

  • What do they want?

on the way to the airport for evacuation.


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