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  • Getting access to great ideas hasn't always been easy.

  • Back in the day, you would only be in the loop

  • if you were literate, educated, rich, and a man.

  • Good thing times have changed.

  • The internet has made sharing ideas a breeze.

  • And no one is doing it better than TED.

  • No, not you, Ted!

  • I'm talking about the non-profit organization

  • that's big on spreading awesome ideas.

  • Twice a year, TED holds this conference,

  • where thought leaders from around the world

  • give some mind-blowing talks.

  • Then TED sticks them online so you can watch them for free.

  • Volunteers translate the videos, which means anyone can

  • be inspired by the likes of Bill Gates, Malcolm Gladwell or Jane Goodall.

  • So what is TEDx?

  • TEDx is a way for you to run a mini TED-style event in your own town,

  • hold talks around issues that matter to your community,

  • free from corporate, political and religious agendas.

  • So take part! Don't stop watching videos at,

  • keep an eye for your nearest TEDx events and

  • if you are up to it, apply to start your own.

  • TED. Ideas worth spreading.

Getting access to great ideas hasn't always been easy.


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【TEDx】TED與TEDx解密 (【TEDx】TED & TEDx Explained)

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