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  • You ready for this? No, no way

  • Mom, I'm here Oh, Barbara!

  • Look at your boobs! Last time I saw you, you looked like a little boy

  • I missed Uncle Bev's funeral

  • It doesn't mean anything compared to what you have in your heart

  • Dear Lord, we ask that you watch over this family

  • We're truly blessed in our...fellowship

  • our...togetherness

  • We recognize...the power...the joy of family

  • Amen!

  • Let's eat

  • I thought the services were lovely

  • I gave it an ehhh

  • Nobody talks about the good stuff

  • She takes pills. Valium, Vicodin, Xanax...

  • She smuggled a bottle of Darvocet in her vagi...

  • You wanna search me? No

  • Bill, where are you livin' now?

  • I beg your pardon?

  • You and Barbara are separated right?

  • Is there younger woman involved?

  • Yes

  • Well see, odds are againts your there babe

  • Mom believes woman don't grow more attractive with age

  • Oh I disagree

  • It's not a matter of opinion, Karen

  • You've only just started to prove it yourself

  • That's pleasant

  • I'm curious. You don't eat meat of any kind?

  • When you eat meat, you ingest an animal's fear

  • Ingest what? It's fur?

  • Fear!

  • Our kid is trying to deal with this madhouse you've dragged her into.

  • This madhouse is my home

  • Yes, think about that for a second

  • I have an Indian in my house

  • They're called Native Americans now mom

  • They aren't any more native than me

  • In fact, they are

  • Let's call the dinosaurs Native Americans while we're at it!

  • You are in rare form today, Vi

  • I'm just truth-telling

  • Some people are antagonized by the truth

You ready for this? No, no way


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官方預告片2 - 梅麗爾-斯特里普, 朱莉婭-羅伯茨 [高清] [高清]。 (AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY Official Trailer 2 - Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts [HD])

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