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My dream is to be the best karate teacher in the world.
My dream is to be a scientist, so I can make machines and potions.
To be super hero.
To catch all the bad guys.
My potions would be to make people turn into the opposite so a man would turn into a woman, and a women would turn into a man, and a mouse would turn into a house because it rhymes.
I want to fly because you can see all over the world, and you can be very high up.
Then We Asked A Different Question...
Do you know what your mummy's dream is?
Do you know what your granny's dream is?
In my picture mummy's a fashion designer.
Mummy's dream is to travel round (around) the whole world.
My Nan would like to run a boot camp for sixties and over.
This is daddy winning Wimbledon.
I think mummy could be the best fashion designer in the world.
All the crowds cheering and they're going... yay!
Nan would be really good because she inspires people.
Hearing it from a child's mind eye is great: you just think anything is possible.
We're just talking about my life.
I'm gonna keep this. I'm gonna frame it.
You know, I'm always listening to what they want and trying to inspire them to always do their best, and you know you can be whatever you want to be.
She's just got big dreams and always has.
She could be anything she wants to be.


DREAM BIG, PRINCESS | Disney Official | Official Disney UK

136 分類 收藏
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