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  • many of the businesses flooded here 11 days ago are still closed.

  • The amount of recovery work there is to do here is vast and to be fair to the council that you have engineers, finance and housing officers out there trying to assist.

  • But as its leader Andrew Morgan, put it to me yesterday, the multi £1,000,000 repair operation is the easy part.

  • Rebuilding lives poses the biggest challenge.

  • And as we've witnessed day in day out here, I have to say it is very hard to overstate the amount of harm psychologically this is causing, and importantly, in already disadvantaged communities.

  • They're thought to number more than 1000 in front of a callin Tavel owe their homes flooded, lives in upheaval young, old, fatigued by rain.

  • And indeed, centers like this knife, facilitating the council's initial £500 per home Emergency payments on more.

  • The crisis is far from over.

  • The crisis has just began.

  • Some people got no heating in the houses.

  • They live enough stays.

  • This'd is just the beginning.

  • One of you lost alleged beds, sofas, washing machine.

  • Norma Jones, here with her daughter Lisa, is one of the few left in her street in Petra.

  • The flooding so bad it's now mostly Carlos and eerily quiet, but for the sound of sweeping and dumping.

  • So you're now living upstairs on It's a pain.

  • It's a real pain.

  • Norma, who has arthritis, clambers breathlessly up the stairs.

  • They had no insurance for the damage below.

  • So you've got your bedroom here, food conflicts and then I need it.

  • And then I got a little rumor over there.

  • Then, which is?

  • Her husband, David, is registered blind.

  • They've rejected offers to relocate, fearful of losing this home.

  • What's not gonna dry it is.

  • But it's not drying fastener.

  • But the unrelenting pressure of getting it fixed with the help of their Children is proving too much.

  • Big flew up A big above flew up.

  • We pose the fridges.

  • I think it's gonna go kept this portion is you this work in Belinda?

  • No *** noise.

  • I would have sent eight in his work and we had the boiler people doubts on because my share was no working on.

  • He said, the pirates.

  • Okay, but now that it's started to go funny and I was being a buddy, you know, is it?

  • I've cleaned the last three days have been in the bathroom, cleaning about through and too old to one start all over again.

  • And, you know, I just don't know.

  • 12 two old with some of the bridge is here for the ravages of the last storm.

  • A staggering nine were told They have to be rebuilt and is the council leader.

  • Shows me the leidos still being drained of mud.

  • Some of the paperwork has ruptured through the damage.

  • Only now is a basic picture of the wider damage emerging.

  • What's also beginning to emerge among so many of the communities affected here is an early indication of just how many people have no insurance cover to fall back on.

  • In one street, nearly half for uninsured.

  • One community worker told us, you got the you got the postcode.

  • You know how many people were at another centre buzzing with volunteers in Pontypridd rammed with donations on DL, witnessing the hardships firsthand.

  • The fact that they haven't got insurance, there are benefits that are all low incomes, even families that are working on low incomes where they've got no insurance.

  • They couldn't afford to take out insurance on the property because this struggling day today is it is further south in that garou.

  • The storm is costing businesses dearly like this cake decorating and model making business, one of several here uninsured for flood damage.

  • At this point, we estimate we think we've lost in the region of 3 to £400,000.

  • We have no insurance, so we're on our own.

  • It's Ah, it's 15 years worth of investment.

  • I'm going in in one day among the 30 jobs he's trying to save this 23 year olds whose home was flooded, too, and whose patients with the authorities like Steve's, is rapidly running out.

  • My biggest worry is that Steve is gonna move the place of the business because he's not going to have insurance here.

  • And then I'm gonna be stuck because obviously I don't have a car anymore, cause that's gone with the floods.

  • And I'm gonna be stuck without a job trying to fix up my house with no money, just waiting for the flood to happen again to wipe out all of my hard work again.

  • There's a little boy in our in our streets.

  • As he was being taken onto the boat, he was the athlete disappearance behind and he was crying and screaming.

  • But Mommy or you're gonna die.

  • That little boy's gonna grow up without memory.

  • Probably be this first memory story like my sister already asked.

  • Anxiety disorder.

  • There's no counselors.

  • Come in.

  • There's no one stayed on with both at the support group.

  • Nothing outside, the first minister of Wales has told us counseling service is are available through a help line.

  • Others want to know what happens when that initial emergency funding runs out.

  • Well, what they will get now will be the longer term help that we will mobilize with our colleagues in the field working with the U.

  • K government as well.

  • But how much money might that be?

  • That's what families would like to know.

  • Yeah, well, I think families understand that it's just not possible because they themselves will not know how much money they will need.

  • A little vary from householder household, but First minister, they need some assurances now what they need.

  • I think what they were understanding it is they need immediate help, which is being mobilized for them, and they need assurances.

  • But public service is in whales, including the watch Government will be there with, um over the long haul were able to give them that assurance.

  • And for so many here as elsewhere, traumatized and vulnerable, it will indeed be a long haul, bewildered by the magnitude of the challenges ahead and all the time, terrified of it happening again.

many of the businesses flooded here 11 days ago are still closed.


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英國洪災後重建的鬥爭才剛剛開始。 (The struggle to rebuild from devastating UK floods has only just begun)

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