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  • they get today Like what we do every day.

  • So wake up may go bad.

  • We call ourselves and you meet get ready to go Come back from scale We could do way, have free time and then we do a pipe So we way going way We're dealing with transfer going on over here Going on when I get it.

  • Okay, Way The pl store.

  • Huh?

  • Way found the piano We'd like small compact has lots of different sounds on it.

  • And the girls are gonna love that way.

  • Just bought another keyboard.

  • I can't even kind of one hand How many keyboards I've bought my life probably can't even on two hands.

  • How many keyboards?

  • So it's true I'm a bit of a keyboard junkie.

  • But this time this keyboard is for my kids to learn and for them to be able to play.

  • So that's exciting.

  • 5 19 0 my goodness.

  • In what way?

  • That's cool, dude.

  • Okay, you look wait.

  • Just yellow flowers.

  • Going to one of our favorite little lunch places would be McDonald's shakes.

  • You hear that, guys?

  • Hey, food, big guy.

  • Okay, nice and loud, so I can hear you.

  • This is one of our favorite stores, too, but not today.

  • We're not going in today, our way longingly towards it.

  • What is this?

  • We're on top of the building, guys blocking That's that's cool.

  • Huh?

  • Uh, what do you have there?

  • I need it.

  • I got it from.

  • And so what is it?

  • What?

  • You have I to way got a p o.

  • But they have to deliver it to be, like, two weeks.

  • Yeah, Let's get going.

  • Oh, go down there.

  • If it's been moving, eating like, yeah, you put in the middle and high school.

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  • And, as always, thanks so much for watching.

  • God bless you.

they get today Like what we do every day.


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東京購物|日本的生活 東京購物 第15集 (Shopping in Tokyo | Life in Japan 東京での買い物 Episode 15)

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