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  • Hey guys!

  • So one month ago Rachel made me chocolates from scratch on Valentine's Day,

  • and in Japan if you get chocolates on this day,

  • you're supposed to give something back on March 14th, which is called White Day.

  • And typically people give cookies or candies, but

  • today I'll make something way better than those.

  • And I actually always ask Rachel to grade my meals,

  • and I haven't gotten 10 points out of 10 yet

  • so I really hope I can get a full score today.

  • In fact, I got a whole day off just to do this today!

  • I'm really excited.

  • Okay, let's do this!

  • Hey. Thank you...

  • J: Welcome back!

  • R: You brought our island in here!

  • R: Is this my White Day present?

  • J: Yep.

  • J: I'll take care of your bag and coat.

  • J: Please dig in.

  • R: It's really good!

  • J: Really? R: Yep.

  • R: It's really creamy.

  • J: Yay~

  • I made it smooth and thick like New York style cheesecake.

  • R: It's good.

  • R: Is this like a... real... diamond?

  • J: Yes, it is.

  • [Annotation: Rachel and I bought cheap "placeholder" rings 3 1/2 years ago.]

  • R: Oh my god!

  • R: Really?? J: Yes.

  • [Annotation: Hers had white topaz stones that had gotten dark and cloudy even after cleaning, which made her sad.]

  • R: Why did you decide to get me a ring?

  • [Annotation: I wanted her to smile again when she saw her ring.]

  • J: Today is... This day is actually the first day I saw you

  • like five years ago.

  • so...

  • I thought it would just...

  • I don't know, it'd be nice to give you a ring.

  • Thank you for being with me for five years.

  • R: Oh my god.

  • J: Do I need to adjust the size?

  • R: No, it's perfect!

  • R: Omg

  • J: How's the dessert??

  • R: It was really good.

  • J: Okay.

  • J: So on a scale of 1 to 10...

  • how good was it?

  • R: This is...

  • R: That's like a 9.

  • J: [exasperated sigh]

  • J: Okay! So close! 9!

  • J: I think that's the best, highest score I've gotten so far.

  • R: 10 is a very serious score.

  • R: It means you can't possibly get any better than that.

  • R: A 10 is like something that I'd be able to eat for the rest of my life, by itself.

  • J: Okay.

  • J: I'll do my best.

  • R: Thank you!

  • J: Yay!

  • Bye!

  • J: 10 really is difficult...

Hey guys!


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