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  • just my duty for the kingdom to protect my family.

  • We're really on a jostle.

  • Yeah.

  • Do you know why the Phoenix sits on the right hand of the Emperor Shi?

  • This is Goddio, his protector.

  • She's both beautiful and strong.

  • Your job used to bring honor to the family.

  • Do you think you could do that?

  • Citizens way are under attack from invaders their leader calls himself or economy fights alongside of which no survivors Edict of his imperial majesty.

  • Every family must contribute one to fight.

  • Have you know, son?

  • I am blessed with two daughters.

  • I will fight way must be strong this time.

  • He will not return loyal race.

  • True.

  • Just my duty to protect my family.

  • Sisters, please protect her.

  • What is your name?

  • Soldier?

  • Haji and commenter, Son of Joe.

  • We're going to make men out of every single one of your spirit is evident.

  • Something holding you back.

  • When they find out who you are, they will show you no mercy.

  • I'm Carmela.

just my duty for the kingdom to protect my family.


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B1 中級

MULAN超級碗預告片 (2020) (MULAN Super Bowl Trailer (2020))

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