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  • Noah defensive on the god of Gonzaga's broker City.

  • Hey, go open the walls.

  • They with your tones, will be the perfect family.

  • When you walk a ways when we're easy pay, you don't need me when I say Mom, he's awake.

  • Leaving See what goes down in the kitchen.

  • Wait, wait, wait, wait.

  • Thanks.

  • The booth and the bay.

  • I, uh Noah Snow your sake.

  • Cool cops.

  • Alok, build music out.

  • It's really a long man, Theo.

  • Him for yourself later.

  • Yeah.

  • Um no, I meant Hill.

  • Cu nu No cool.

  • And I did He bent Commodore so much along guitar spilled all days A stress d'oh!

  • Hair on their lumbering tift All Amalia Tonight this was an animal.

  • Friends will heal Iraq.

  • May American Dia music complemented neither.

  • Lehman is on us.

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  • You cannot name Rico like funny Jack can't take a direct so complete candor.

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  • But you see, that's going to follow any rules.

  • They extended the trustees that even former starting act magnetite he targeted speller a clove on Saturday.

  • Now, from off the ears to know the inside, it figures stem Cabella, clinker full Cassie's which I do.

  • It's a cold day from my case and on that Gonna miss you are convenient, Theo, Ever wanna talk?

  • So is okay.

  • Who gave you have a chick in Colleyville about chicks?

  • No, it ain't class, even human yields.

  • Now brace yourself back later.

  • But for Jonah's vein of doom experience Piano Adrienne McManus, Banker, woman and benches failed.

  • Basic.

  • There's an Alamo lift up.

  • The owls are just kind of level.

  • It is.

  • I own.

  • Oh, my help yourself or it's gonna deliver.

  • Roper.

  • Thank you.

  • The best team messing on Indian soil.

  • Yes, and I think you're in a better way.

  • Thanks, babe.

Noah defensive on the god of Gonzaga's broker City.


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