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  • (Nate laughs)

  • Did you get so wet?!

  • You did too?

  • Whoa!!!!

  • Becca got drenched!

  • Ruth: I just need some coffee.

  • Just some coffee, huh?

  • OK, aim it. Whoa, you did it, whoa!

  • (Joshua laughs)

  • (Life in Japan Music)

  • Girls: One step, two step, three step, four...

  • Nate: OK, let's do it!

  • Let her go!!!!

  • Nate: Whohohoa!

  • Got it? Hold on! (Joshua screams)

  • Nate: If this doesn't make you feel like you're in Japan, nothing will.

  • Ben: I don't know what will.

  • What are you girls eating?

  • Becca: Kakigori (shaved ice)

  • What's it taste like?

  • Girls: Melon

  • Are you going to do some games?

  • Give her the ticket.

  • Say "Arigatou" (thank you)

  • Lady: Dozo (please go ahead)

  • OK, nice and slow, yea!!!

  • Ruth: Now it's hot. Like, we had the least amount of sunlight

  • in Japan for the last 50 years, or something, in July because it just rained,

  • there was no sun.

  • Sarah: Red? Joshua: Yea!

  • Oh, red.

  • Joshua: There it is.

  • I'm drawing (Lightning) McQueen.

  • (Sarah giggles)

  • Anna: There's something really cute right here.

  • Look at all this gear from generations gone by.

  • If you want any kind of film camera, this is the place to get it.

  • All of these shoes, oh my goodness.

  • Ruth: Ah, it's glorious!

  • Oh my goodness!

  • Sarah: I love Minnie!

  • What'cha making there?

  • Ruth: Onigiri

  • Today, we came to Hadano, to a new park to check it out, right?

  • Ruth: Remember, we have to walk up this when we go home.

  • Nate: That's right.

  • Maybe walk up the other side and go across the bridge.

  • Oh, we're going to walk under the big bridge guys!

  • Oh, and look, we can see where everyone is down there already playing in the water.

  • There's the water and the playground!

  • Bridge way up high.

  • They're building a Minecraft house.

  • Get it all wet!

  • Becca: Is it cold? Ruth: So cold!

  • We're making four pools, one for each kid.

  • Looks like you've got a good start!

  • Anna's getting sunscreen on.

  • Anna: Ahhh!

  • Ah! Oh, go get your shoe!

  • Oh my goodness! Anna saved the shoe!

  • You got a big rock. OK, can you put it down right over here?

  • OK, put it down.

  • Whoa, yes! Good job!

  • Our fort gets a little bit cooler.

  • Well while everyone's enjoying the water I'm trekking up the other side of the mountain

  • so I can go across this bridge

  • and go get the car and park it on this side

  • 'cause there's a much closer parking over here.

  • Look at these guys with ice cream!

  • How's your ice cream, dude?

  • Joshua: Yummy! Nate: Yummy!

  • Joshua: I bonked my head. Nate: You bonked your head?

  • Joshua: Yea! It really hurt really bad.

  • Even though Japan gets hot really fast in the summer,

  • there are great things to do to cool down.

  • What are some of your favorite cool summer activities?

  • Please comment below, and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already.

  • (Life in Japan Music)

(Nate laughs)


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日本的暑假熱潮|日本生活第18集 (Summer Break Heats Up in Japan | Life in Japan Episode 18)

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