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>> LEE: Welcome back to SourceFed, I'm Lee Newton
The world has lost another smiling face of the screen as Shirley Temple Black has passed
away at the age of 85. Shirley Temple was best known for her delightful blond curls
and her adorable charm when she graced the screen as one of the most popular stars of
the 1930s.
Earning her first acting role at the age of three, Shirley Temple shot to stardom and
was given a special juvenile Oscar when she was only six years old and is still the youngest
person to ever receive an Academy Award.
Known as "America's little darling," she sang and danced her way through films
including Bright Eyes which gave us her timeless performance of the song "On the Good Ship
America loved her so much, that FDR dubbed her "Little Miss Miracle" for raising
morale during the Great Depression. She also saved Fox from bankruptcy but didn't receive
a nickname for that.
Retiring from acting in 1950 at the age of 21 after making 43 feature films, Temple turned
to politics and diplomacy. Richard Nixon appointed her as a member of the US delegation to the
UN and in 1974 was named US ambassador to Ghana by Gerald Ford.
Temple passed away Monday in Woodside, California from natural causes surrounded by her family.
Rest in Peace you little angel. It is for you that I present my rendition of On the
Good Ship Lollipop.


曼秀雷敦的「小護士」過世了!RIP (Shirley Temple Dead at 85)

11921 分類 收藏
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