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  • So here's the deal. I have asked thousands of people on six continents,

  • "Why is there stress in your life?" And I've basically boiled it

  • down to eight categories, and I'm going to list those categories

  • right now, and if you feel that one of those categories applies to you,

  • I'd like you to sit down.

  • Number 1 is financial. "I do not have enough.

  • I've got mortgage payments to make, I've got kids' tuitions,

  • I've got all kinds of things. I want to get a bigger house, and darn it,

  • there just isn't enough." Then there's relationships,

  • typically with partner or spouse, but can be with siblings,

  • can be with children, can be with, you know, colleagues, bosses.

  • You'd like your relationship to be a certain way, and darn it, it isn't.

  • Children, we all know that children are bundles of joy, correct?

  • They're sent to bring happiness and fulfillment to you in your life,

  • but have you noticed that children do the darndest things and they begin early?

  • They poop right after you've changed them. They fall in love with the most

  • inappropriate people. They drop out of school. So yes,

  • children are bundles of joy, they bring you growth and fulfillment,

  • they also cause you stress. Business and career,

  • if you're an entrepreneur, you want your business to grow,

  • you want revenues to be coming, you want customers to be satisfied,

  • you want to be promoted, you want more responsibility,

  • bigger paychecks, and darn it, it just isn't going the way you would

  • like it to be. Health, you'd like to be able to run the marathon,

  • you'd like to be able to run the marathon in under two hours which would be a really

  • big deal. But already, you're taking the elevator rather than the short flight

  • of stairs. And by the way, when I say health, it need not be just

  • about yourself, it could be the health of people who are close to you as well.

  • Then there's the big external stuff: politics, environment, climate change,

  • animal welfare, crime. This is a catch all.

  • I have too much to do and not enough time to do it all. And then there is "I'm not

  • where I want to be." We have an image in our heads of where

  • we would like to be, and we're not there.

  • And I'd like you to consider that if you mentioned any of those factors as the

  • reason you felt stress, you are wrong. There is one reason and one reason only

  • that you feel stress, and that is that you have a very rigid

  • idea of this is the way the universe should be and the universe is not playing

  • ball with you.

So here's the deal. I have asked thousands of people on six continents,


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為什麼你的生活中會有壓力?| 斯里庫馬爾-拉奧 (Why Is There Stress In Your Life? | Srikumar Rao)

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