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  • peace and blessings every one night Michael be back with.

  • And today I want to introduce you to the concept and the practice of spiritual shape shifting.

  • Now you may have heard of shape shifting in she Monica lore, in which individuals shape shift of their body temples into a new animal or something to that effect.

  • I'm talking about spirituals, shape shifting, in which you begin to vibrate with something that's high and pure, something that's whole something that's healthy.

  • You begin to feel into that, and then you begin to shift that energy to an area of your life or your body temple that may not be in alignment with with health or wholeness or well, being now is it is very useful because it's not conceptual.

  • It's not something you have to memorize is just something that you have to practice.

  • Many years ago, I did it with my niece.

  • I had an injury to my left knee.

  • I was hobbling home, so I thought about my right knee.

  • My right knee was feeling good, and so I thought about the right knee.

  • I felt the expansion of that knee being healthy, and then I suddenly shifted my awareness to my left knee.

  • And by the time I got home, the inflammation had gone down and I was walking normally I shape shifted the energy.

  • Please be reminded of this.

  • We are energetic beings.

  • We are vibrational beings were not merely flesh and blood and bone.

  • Everything is vibrating.

  • So you're literally training yourself to hold a high vibration by concentrating on one area of your life.

  • That's my ready.

  • Hi.

  • And shifting it to another area of your life that may be vibrating Lo Doing that a number of times so that you actually feel that other area of your life.

  • The vibration that's out of alignment vibrating higher vibrational match ensues.

  • Change takes place This practice it for a moment.

  • That's Ah, close your eyes for just a moment.

  • We're gonna do this briefly and just consider an area of your life.

  • That's high vibe that when you think about this area expansion, a smile comes to your face.

  • You're feeling a level of mastery.

  • Feel that frequency now.

  • Consider an area of your life that you would say needs improvement needs a higher frequency.

  • Think about that area.

  • Don't let it pull you just think about it now when you hear me snap my finger, shift the energy to the area that's contracted breath.

  • Breathe in, shift the area and begin to think about that area.

  • Feel about that area from the level of expansion.

  • There's no rule against doing this.

  • You're practicing energetic, shape shifting and just be with the high vibe of the area of your life, where there's mastery but shifting it to the area where there is some kind of diminishment.

  • Don't let yourself contract.

  • Stay expanded your shape, shifting that area so that when you think about that area, you're not just thinking about it.

  • You're feeling expansion.

  • You're feeling expanded awareness.

  • Hang with me for just a moment in that area.

  • So the area of mastery in the area of diminishment is now vibrating.

  • Similarly begins with your thought begins with your feeling expansion is happening.

  • You're shifting.

  • Come back to the area of mastery.

  • Feel the vibration shifted to the area of diminishment.

  • Notice that there's a change.

  • Feel them both simultaneously.

  • Expansion, enthusiasm, happiness, mastery.

  • Give yourself permission for the area that has been diminished to flower and flow.

  • Slowly open your eyes, but hold the frequency.

  • Do this a couple of times a day and then watch as the new vibration begins to draw into your life opportunities, possibilities and a great feeling tone, you could become a master of your own vibration with intention and with practice.

  • I dare you to try it on a regular basis.

  • I dare you to give up woes and step into the wow.

  • It's me.

  • If you had felt into what I was vibrational putting down, I'm inviting you into the master class where we begin to explore this and much more in order to transform your life for you to participate in your own transformation in your own unfolding.

  • You know you want to do this so you might as well sign up.

  • I'll see you there.

peace and blessings every one night Michael be back with.


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如何成為一個精神的變形者|邁克爾-伯納德-貝克維思(Michael Bernard Beckwith) (How to Be a Spiritual Shapeshifter | Michael Bernard Beckwith)

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