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  • NARRATOR: Jack Begley and metal-detection expert Gary

  • Drayton are beginning to search near the so-called eye

  • of the swamp for any important clues or artifacts.

  • Got a target, mate.

  • [beeping]

  • It's right in there.

  • Oh, I like this matrix, nice and thick,

  • thick enough to trap good coins and artifacts.

  • JACK BEGLEY: Oh, I think I got it.

  • Oh yeah, it's moving.

  • Ooh.

  • Oh, wait.

  • Now look at.

  • That's a really old pick.

  • You don't think that this is Fred Nolan's?

  • No, I don't think it's Fred Nolan's

  • because it is fairly chunky.

  • It's old because it's so heavy.

  • And then look, a more modern one would be more round.

  • This is that nice oval shape because back in the day

  • they would have a wooden handle, and they would shave it down.

  • It wouldn't be like a machine-made round one.

  • And this is cool.

  • It's got that-- the tines or the picks are really short.

  • So you would have used this for tunnelling because you know

  • what a big-old pickaxe is like.

  • Normally it's got two really big pick parts to it.

  • This hasn't.

  • This is more of a tunneling tool.

  • NARRATOR: An old iron pickaxe possibly used for tunneling

  • and found near the eye of the swamp?

  • Dry.

  • It's very tight.

  • NARRATOR: Earlier this year while investigating

  • a 200-foot-long anomaly detected by seismic scanning,

  • the Oak Island team obtained core samples of unusually

  • hard-packed clay up to 40 feet deep in the swamp,

  • creating ideal conditions for tunneling beneath the area.

  • Interestingly enough, you probably could tunnel

  • through this stuff, right?

  • Oh yeah.

  • Oh, no question.

  • There has been talk of tunnels in the swamp like some kind

  • of back entry to the money pit.

  • Well, if you're going to be digging in the swamp

  • and tunneling, you would need a little tunnel

  • pick like the pick that Jack and I just pulled out of this hole.

  • What the heck is this tunneling pick doing over here?

  • We're so far away from the money pit.


  • Who's been tunneling or digging around here?

  • It's an artifact that we can have tested and see how

  • it lines up with all of the other artifacts

  • we found in the swamp this year.

  • NARRATOR: Could Jack and Gary have found further evidence

  • to support the notion that a large-scale tunneling

  • operation took place in this area centuries ago?

  • And if so, could it also be connected in some way

  • to both the mysterious paved area and the eye of the swamp

  • located nearby?

  • We should take it to Carmen Legge.

  • GARY DRAYTON: Oh yeah because I think he's

  • going to be excited about this.

  • And you know what?

  • We ain't finished shopping yet.

  • I just think we're going to keep finding stuff in here.

  • Yeah.

  • GARY DRAYTON: Let's see if there's

  • anything else in the area.

NARRATOR: Jack Begley and metal-detection expert Gary


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