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  • Good morning, guys.

  • Today we are going Thio Tokyo Gay Pride Festival at the park We have been on a soy latte is we feel like fancy and we're gonna have a good day So let's go look at these roses.

  • It's so nice.

  • Oh, they're so beautiful.

  • If you're in the mood for some roses, come to Yoyogi Park.

  • They've got so many Oh, they're so beautiful Now I want a rose garden.

  • It's such a nice day today Yellow it's me.

  • Okay, where do we go?

  • Or less?

  • So now we have sat down because we couldn't find the festival We've given up now we're gonna get e So we're just gonna Although it's essential like he did.

  • What is it?

  • Actually, it's holy salmon in jeopardy.

  • Major said Ben Ishak gave Chuck it shocked.

  • It's Sunday.

  • It's good.

  • It's delicious.

  • It's the best there ever She is.

  • Everyone here is this festival.

  • We went in a complete circle and now we're going back.

  • Just always happen like old videos, just like maybe like this is gonna happen today and then it never happens.

  • Every videos would be called finding the event.

  • Finally, here.

  • You Yeah, that guy that was a guy was at the Dick Festival.

  • If you've seen my Penis festival video, does the chameleon that was holding his his rain stick like like a dick?

  • Oh, that's a bunch of dogs.

  • Way here to accept it's, uh, you put your dick in her way Got hold of food here and there are so many choices this drug on tacos there's Excuse my French.

  • It's called Fucking Yummy Hamburger.

  • Really feeling like a mango snow court?

  • My battery's my step.

  • I'm gonna eat this giant, we know, keeping with the theme of love.

  • It's, um it's not really tacky.

  • Gaudy.

  • It's a snow card.

  • It's a good old Ozzy looking snuck.

  • I can't really eat this nicely on camera.

  • So I'm just gonna fight it.

  • Yeah, that's junkie camera.

  • Just run out of battery, so I'm using my phone.

Good morning, guys.


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東京彩虹驕傲節!2016 (Tokyo Rainbow Pride Festival!! 2016)

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