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  • everybody, we're back thing, you know, I think reflecting on the last 16 seasons.

  • If there's one thing our show has come to represent for people, it's professionalism.

  • I believe we get the job done.

  • We we do it right every time.

  • Almost believe it or not.

  • Over the years, sometimes occasionally things have gone wrong.

  • We're not perfect.

  • Sort of shocking, huh?

  • Here's the proof.

  • This is a collection of moments where, quite honestly, things did not go according to plan and sort of screwed up in only a way Our show could screw it up.

  • Enjoy.

  • On your mark.

  • Get set, Go!

  • That guy's shot.

  • His wig.

  • This'll Red kangaroo found in Australia.

  • And actually, this is kind of a bad time to bring a finger on this meeting.

  • So all right, way Couldn't afford to put a top on that bus.

  • I want to mention something.

  • Full TV shows we're back on the Internet.

  • We've been doing this show for over 14 years.

  • I have never heard this sound before.

  • Everyone stay calm.

  • What's that all about?

  • Shift.

  • Do they know we're taping a show?

  • Yes, my child.

  • You don't.

  • You've been drinking.

  • Calm down your scars.

  • falling off.

  • Arnold, I, uh You're in enough to enjoy a scarf.

  • Yeah.

  • Let's examine exactly what happened.

  • He goes on, we've seen where the problem is.

  • It's up and then kick.

  • And then you know what I read in Malaya.

  • You?

  • No, you listen to and I love listening to music.

  • And Friday, I swear to God, I don't know what the hell that is if someone's Mike on backstage.

  • But why did a man's voice just say now?

  • That's a good Friday.

  • And they were pre recording it while we're doing a show now kind of crappy show.

  • Is this Wait?

  • All right.

  • I think that covers everybody.

  • So let's move.

  • I am the awkward kid.

  • Got master of the ocean.

  • Every creature of the sea obeys me.

  • My power is virtually limitless.

  • Limitless.

  • Apparently not your power of speech.

  • All right, I think we should move on because, um, this guy okay, you know, the budget cuts have hit our lighting department particularly hard way.

  • No longer can afford to repair our broken light fixtures, which is a problem, because that's gonna be it's gonna fall any time now because that's how we rehearsed it.

  • Someone pulls up, Theo.

  • Well, I just thought of another budget.

  • Cutting it.

  • Dirtbag, You loser.

  • You're a loser on a bus.

  • That was Jack McBrayer in that box after all.

  • Our thanks to him.

  • Let's Demi Moore show coming.

  • Just a second.

  • I'll be right back.

everybody, we're back thing, you know, I think reflecting on the last 16 seasons.


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