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  • Let's talk about the three m's.

  • What are the three m's mindfulness, meditation and manifesting?

  • And these three m's have really become the trifecta that is this Eva technique, which is what I teach so mindfulness I would define as the art of bringing your awareness into the present moment.

  • Beautiful, Right.

  • Practice that right now.

  • All right.

  • And let's just do it right.

  • Just close your eyes.

  • You don't have to put your pens down.

  • Just close your eyes and take a big delicious inhale the next sale so good in this time, as you inhale, I want to actually feel the breath as it enters your nostrils.

  • And as you exhale me to feel the tactile sensation as it exits your nostrils really good and open your eyes.

  • So that was like a mindful moment, right?

  • There was one mindful breath where we brought our awareness into this moment is the right now.

  • So any time you are directing your focus, any time you're doing a guided visualization, anytime you're focusing on your breath counting your breath, visualizing your chakras, imagining a waterfall I would put that in the category of mindfulness right waking state left brain practice and you're directing your focus.

  • Now, this is an interesting time to be alive because neuroscience is catching up to what these Indian dudes have been saying for 6000 years.

  • And now not only can we prove that meditation is good for you, but now we concert to prove how different styles of meditation impacting the brain.

  • So in mindfulness, where you're directing your focus, a smaller part of the brain lights up.

  • Very, very, right, Right.

  • Which is sort of indicative to how mindfulness is helpful to you.

  • If you practice mindfulness, you notice that you get very good at, like, focusing on tasks you very good at, like putting one foot in front of the other and being very present where you are right here, right now.

  • Let's talk about the second M meditation, and I want for a moment I'm gonna ask you guys a favor and I want you to take everything you've ever heard about meditation on.

  • I want you to throw it out the window just for these next few minutes that we have together.

  • Meditation is I would define.

  • It is basically Wilmore accessing a verifiable fourth state of consciousness so different than waking different than sleeping and different than dreaming.

  • When you start to cultivate a meditation practice, you actually move into 1/4 state of consciousness.

  • Okay?

  • And in this state of consciousness, the right and left hemispheres the brains, or to function in Eunice.

  • And this is important because your left brain is in charge of the past in the future.

  • And you're right.

  • Brain is in charge of the right now.

  • Left brain critical thoughts, right?

  • Brain created left brain.

  • I suck.

  • I suck.

  • I suck up in a diner with cats eating my face right brain.

  • Okay, so we actually wanna have both of these guys functioning at the same time.

  • Right brain and left brain when we start meditating, accessing this fourth state of consciousness.

  • And when I say that it's like a verifiable state of consciousness.

  • What I mean is that if you were to hook your brain up to an e e g machine, which is electro and Safa Graffiti hardware, they're a classic points on the right brain and eight classic points on the left and in waking, sleeping and dreaming States of consciousness, the right and left hemispheres of the brain are functioning separately.

  • But in this fourth state of consciousness, all 16 leads of the e G rise and fall in unison, and that starts to increase.

  • Something called neuro plasticity and neural plasticity is the brain's ability to change itself.

  • It also increases something called neuro genesis, which is the brain's ability to generate new brain sounds.

  • Okay, and that's happening because you guys whole brain cohesion happening when you're doing this practice mindfulness.

  • Very good at dealing.

  • They're stressing the now meditation.

  • Very good at dealing with your stress past.

  • Now let's move into the third M manifest, manifesting as consciously creating a life you love.

  • It's amazing to me how many people I meet in a day, and I asked him, What's your What's your dream job?

  • How much money do you want to be making?

  • What do you want your relationship to look like?

  • How do you want your relationship with your body to feel?

  • And they're just like I just I'm not making any money right now?

  • And my husband isn't understanding this up is like the immediately go to the complaint.

  • When I asked him what they wanted, like they can't even articulate it without starting with the complaint.

  • But what I have found is that the combination of meditation and manifesting is infinitely more powerful than either one alone because you could meditate all day.

  • But if you're not clear about what it is that you want, that it's very hard for nature to give it.

  • And conversely, you could make vision boards all day long, but if you don't believe that you deserve your dream, it ain't coming.

Let's talk about the three m's.


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幸福的三個 "M"|艾米莉-弗萊徹 (The Three M's for Well-Being | Emily Fletcher)

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