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In the daytime I'm an IT nerd.
I work as a websphere administrator.
And then at night, this whole different person comes out.
You know, he wants to be like a badass.
He wants to ride his scary bike around.
He wants to wear the scary helmet.
That's, maybe, my escape from work.
I think the helmet represents...
the badass
biker in me.
So I guess this whole
thing about bike really started back in Mauritias, when I was about five.
My Dad used to race these little 250's and 49cc's
Dad came home to a bike
that was dismantled. He's asked my Mum
"who the hell did this to my bike?" And my mum pointed at me...
the little kid. And, um, she said "Well it's your fault, you're the one who showed him
how to do all this stuff!
What did you expect?" So I guess
from the age of 5 I kinda had this instinct
to tinker around with bikes.
And my mum still blames my dad for me tinkering around with bikes.
Runs in the blood, I guess.
I think the Mad Max...
I did have an idea of what I wanted to build but it wasn't a very solid idea.
I had my mates going, "hey, build another cafe racer".
And then the other half of people would say "hey, why don't you build something different. Why don't you build a tracker?"
And I thought, you know what? I'm gonna build something that's crazy. Like a "Big Foot" tracker!
And that kind of stayed in my head.
That's what I wanted to get out of the Mad Max - a monster truck bike!
Some of the mods on the Max
was to make it look big and chunky. Starting from the front
the big front forks, twin disc brakes
180 tyres on, five and a half inch headlight with the
custom grille that I made up. Moving towards the back
I got this double exhaust coming into one
shooting up the back into two again. And then you've got an extended
swing-arm on the rear with a huge 200 tyre
and then, obviously, you've got the candy-red paint
A little seat to give it that nimble sort of look
On the rear you've got the rear tyre hugger and combining all that together
you've got the single monoshock
which is off a Hyabusa, with a custom spring
It's really sort of cool and I think the end result is "Monster Truck Bike"!
Sometimes, you know, I don't get time to ride and
after maybe a week or so I go into my garage and I can just see the
rear of the tyre and I'm thinking...
that looks pretty good. And I just go across
to the side and I say to myself
"Did I actually build this thing?!"
And then I just start up the bike...
You just hear that big roar going "blublublub"
You know that type of feeling you get where you're just like "whoa". You just want to ride it
and she just wants to go.
You just feel that sense of freedom, the loudness.
You hear everything.
All you want to do when you get on the Max and you're on the freeway, you just want to scream!
I'm free, I can do whatever I want!
I don't know...
It's just crazy.
I guess that the feeling that I get on the max when riding it.
I think the main reason behind the helmet is
when I take the helmet off all you can see if this boy.
I'm in IT, I'm at a desk and
you know, nobody cares what I do and
when I'm on the Max everybody sees me
and everybody cares what I'm doing
It's just like an attention seeker. It's a crazy bike.
So when I put the helmet on, it's badass.
It looks mean
Being a badass, I don't know if I am a badass...
but yeah, that's what it is...


車 (Stories of Bike EP8: Flipside)

1739 分類 收藏
黃定為 發佈於 2014 年 2 月 13 日
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