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  • with life rapidly changing for millions of Americans across the country.

  • Confirmed cases of Corona virus now topping 32,000 more than 400 deaths and several more states issuing orders to stay at home tonight.

  • Concern.

  • Not everyone is listening.

  • Louisiana, Ohio and we've just learned now.

  • Delaware among nine states shutting down nonessential businesses.

  • Nearly 100 million people told to stay indoors New York State Tonight with more than 15,000 confirmed cases, the governor of said after seeing firsthand groups of people in New York City parks have The mayor plans to crack down California's first weekend under the state's stay at home order.

  • Groups of people spotted on the beach and several states complaining about the federal government's response, forcing them to compete against each other for supplies of masks and protective gear.

  • Testing becoming more available and still hard to come by, though a new site opening in New Jersey take a look reaching capacity in just 30 minutes.

  • Also, we're now learning Senator Rand Paul has become the first senator confirmed to be infected with the virus, and late today, President Trump announcing FEMA will set up federal medical stations in New York, California and Washington state.

  • Also, two Navy hospital ships will soon be deployed one to New York.

  • The other, which was expected to go to Seattle, will now go to Los Angeles.

  • ABC Steffy Ramos Leads US Off Tonight Officials telling Americans they can help fight the Corona virus by using social distancing.

  • But images from around the country show some are ignoring the warning.

  • It is absolutely critical that Americans continue to follow the federal government's guidelines so important about social distancing, non essential travel and hand washing.

  • Defeating this unseen enemy requires the help in commitment of every single American crowded beaches in California, boat parties in Florida and this video taken yesterday showing a crowded New York City park.

  • I don't know what I'm saying that people don't get.

  • I'm normally accused of being overly blunt and direct, and I take that it's true.

  • I don't know what they're not understanding.

  • This is not life.

  • A cZ usual Governor Andrew Cuomo predicting 40 to 80% of the state's population could become infected, Warning this virus is not a joke, giving Mayor Bill de Blasio 24 hours to enforce the stay at home order in his city.

  • It's insensitive, It's arrogant, it's self destructive.

  • It's disrespectful to other people and it has to stop.

  • And it has to stop now.

  • De Blasio, saying he's looking at taking stricter measures.

  • When we say you can go out for some exercise, we're not saying you can linger.

  • We're not saying you could make a day of it.

  • Officials across the country stressing to their communities to heed the warnings.

  • My view is we die trying.

  • I think the the flattening of the curve, the social distancing, telling everybody just stay home gives us a real shot to keep the numbers down and a reminder to America's youth Time to grow up.

  • You know, timeto wake up time to recognize It's not just about the old folks.

  • It's about your impact on their lives.

  • Don't be selfish, state and local officials pleading for the Federal Government Toe Act.

  • If the president doesn't act, people will die who could have lived otherwise and the need for masks and equipment.

  • Still a concern.

  • FEMA's director heading up the distribution effort nationwide, warning some states will have to wait.

  • The federal government has deployed hundreds of tons of supplies from our national stockpile toe locations with the greatest need in order to assist in those areas.

  • The president declaring the states where the outbreak is most severe here in the U.

  • S.

  • Disaster areas New YORK today adding Washington and soon California.

  • But some governors, even a Republican, say they are struggling to get the equipment they need.

  • It's not nearly enough.

  • It's not fast enough.

  • We're way behind the curve today our Martha Raddatz pressing director, Peter Gaynor, on exactly how many masks have been shipped.

  • Will you get them in time before the health system is overwhelmed again?

  • They're they're shipping today.

  • They've shipped, Yes, see their ship tomorrow.

  • And I think one of the things that when you say they would, you mean how many which masks the new math?

  • I mean, it is hundreds of thousands of millions of things that were shipping from the stockpile, and I can't give the details about what every single state of what every single city is doing.

  • But what I'm telling you that we are shipping from our national stockpile we're shipping from vendors were shipping from donations.

  • It is happening.

  • The demand is great that it the demand from the governor's is great, all right.

  • Stephanie Ramos joins us Now live from New York and Stephanie that shutdown order.

  • I want to go back to that set to go into effect in just a couple of hours in New York City.

  • What are officials here in the city planning to do to stop those crowds?

  • We've been seen well.

  • Tom, New York City's mayor and police commissioners say they are cracking down on large gatherings in city parks to prevent exposure to cope.

  • In 19 the mayor says, NYPD will drive around telling groups of people not to linger in city parks.

  • Officers will go into grocery stores and other public spaces to encourage social distancing.

  • The mayor emphasizing, though, that they're going to try this out for a week and then reassess these procedures.

  • Tom.

  • All right, we could see that enforcement moving forward.

  • Stephanie, Thank you for that.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

  • Thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel.

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with life rapidly changing for millions of Americans across the country.


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各州抱怨聯邦政府對民眾的迴應不是社會疏導 (States complain about federal government response to people not social distancing)

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