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  • Disney beat Spotlight Siri's where we take a look at a specific Disney related ride.

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  • The dapper dans have been entertaining guests on Main Street for decades.

  • So today we're gonna be taking a look at one of the dapper dans Christmas sets, which includes some holiday favorites as well as some old Disney classics.

  • And in the usual spotlight, Siri's fashion.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for some secrets and facts about main streets, Dapper dans Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays TPM crew Enjoy.

  • Wait, wait!

  • Thank you as well.

  • Wait, I could name them.

  • Anybody can make them.

  • Have you been sleeping?

  • I believe I can enumerate them for everybody.

  • Come in trying to clothe Thio.

  • Thing is way.

  • No way!

  • I'm going in your reindeer games.

  • Diggity Allow 60,000 Rudolph, with your nose so bright way down!

  • Go down!

  • Go down!

  • Go down!

  • Hey, hey!

  • When I say hey, everybody says one Hey, what did one snowman say to the other?

  • Smooth Hey, what do you call a really old snowman?

  • Water a snowman?

  • Get around town by icicle What is a snowman in for lunch burrito?

  • I like to prove that even the classics can be played on these 100 year old Deegan Organ violent warming rock monitor removed in C sharp, minor way Don't know that one stupid three instead way Wait.

  • No way a my oh my what a wonderful day Section d e A wonderful feeling Wonderful day All right, everyone, Now you along River Wait, wait Thank you so much, Everybody!

  • If you've enjoyed our show today we are the dapper dans of Main Street And you have not enjoyed our show The Vienna Boys Choir way So so If you could choose any Disney song Which song would you have?

  • The dapper Dan cing Leave a comment down below and start a conversation.

  • If you have any videos from the Disney Park so you'd like to share with us to be used in future videos?

  • Follow the link in the description below.

Welcome to T P M Vids.


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迪士尼世界魔幻王國的帥哥美女唱聖誕歌曲 (Dapper Dans at Disney World's Magic Kingdom Sing Christmas Songs)

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