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  • Uh uh, Don't you worry.

  • Disappear Sold on the floor now called the No friends thinking that way Then I jump right in weekly back to see Was only looking for love But give him much time Between night and I put it on the moor way toget told me it was never looking for friends Move!

  • You kissing mama around 11 then the alert and being with a M baby, if you want to meet you on my hotel door I don't even know if she knows trying to be next.

  • You need not saying look a promise commit But it was never just thought.

  • Would you relax?

  • Wanted money?

  • No.

Uh uh, Don't you worry.


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A2 初級

蒂姆--"不要"--總決賽--"聲樂小子"--VTM (Tim - 'Don't' | Finale | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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