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  • >>WANDA NICOL, GROUPS COORDINATOR: Wanda Nicol here from Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Our


  • goal is to provide exceptional customer service and we customize events for our groups in


  • Branson.


  • One attraction that's popular with all our groups is Dixie Stamped. I'm here at Dixie


  • Stampede to pick up Angel Eubanks for lunch--just a little way to say thanks for taking care

    Stampede去接Angel Eubanks吃午飯... ...只是想表達一下對他照顧的謝意

  • of our groups from Thousand Hills Resort!


  • >>ANGEL EUBANKS: Hi everyone, my name is Angel Eubanks and I'm the group sales manager here

    >>ANGEL EUBANKS:大家好,我叫Angel Eubanks,是這裡的集團銷售經理。

  • at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction in beautiful Branson, Missouri and I have

    在多莉帕頓'的Dixie Stampede晚餐景點在美麗的布蘭森,密蘇里州和我有。

  • the pleasure of taking care of our military reunions, church groups, family groups, even


  • tour & travel groups that Thousand Hills sends our way.


  • So some of you are probably wondering, "What is the Dixie Stampede?" Well here at the Dixie

    是以,有些人可能想知道,"什麼是Dixie Stampede?"好吧,在Dixie

  • Stampede we put on a fabulous show and serve you a delicious four course feast while you're


  • watching the show. It's a friendly rivalry between the North and the South with lots


  • of audience participation and singing and dancing. And our stars of the show are our


  • 32 beautiful horses that you can view on the Horse Walk when you arrive at the Dixie Stampede.

    32匹美麗的馬匹,當你到達Dixie Stampede時,你可以在馬道上觀賞。

  • We have a wonderful 30 minute pre-show upon arrival, so come on and see us-you guys are


  • gonna have a good time at Dixie Stampede, the Most Fun Place to eat in Branson!

    會有一個很好的時間在Dixie Stampede, 最有趣的地方吃在布蘭森!

  • Here at the Dixie Stampede we love our bus groups. We even have front row parking for

    在Dixie Stampede,我們喜歡我們的巴士團隊。我們甚至有前排的停車場

  • you! You arrive right at the front entrance and we have a constumed greeter that will


  • greet your bus and welcome your bus and escort them inside. So come on bus groups, call Thousand


  • Hills and let's get you to Thousand Hills, Branson's most fun place to eat!


>>WANDA NICOL, GROUPS COORDINATOR: Wanda Nicol here from Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Our



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Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede in Branson Welcomes Groups!

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