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  • really.

  • It's a big game at both ends of the table in here to watch it with us.

  • We have a former England manager.

  • Yes.

  • Venu An Eriksen is here with Jamie Carragher tonight.

  • Who had 27 of your 38 caps.

  • Understand?

  • Maybe it should have been more spent.

  • Get into that later.

  • You can take that.

  • Welcome.

  • Good to see You look very well, Thank you.

  • How is life treating you?

  • Very good.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • You've joined us from Sweden today.

  • Are you keeping a close eye on English football?

  • Of course I do.

  • I see a lot of Premier League football every weekend.

  • I saw two games yesterday, for example, on Dhe.

  • Some other games Saturday.

  • So yeah, I looked at Premier League.

  • Of course.

  • Good to hear it will put you to the test tonight.

  • But before we start, we want to remind everyone of have spends incredible career, expands over 1000 games.

  • We couldn't get it all on one graphic spends So we've gone with the 1st 30 years here, which, of course, culminates with the England job.

  • But it started in Sweden with you wait for cup success.

  • The rest of Europe, I suppose I started to look at what you were doing.

  • Great spells in in Portugal and probably more famously in Italian football when you see that and it all started a digger force.

  • If I said that right when I see these, I recognize that I'm old.

  • No, you must look back with great pride.

  • What you've achieved.

  • Yeah, most of it.

  • Yes, of course it's It's been a great time and in many places good result.

  • Er's as well.

  • Not always, but many times, yes.

  • Where would you say you were?

  • You were most happy.

  • Well, I guess one of the first ah, trophies I want with Waas with Gautam Berry.

  • After some years we won a trophy in Europe and that gave me the ticket to leave Sweden and go into a professional football.

  • Because Scott, tomorrow at that time, even if we want entitle in Europe, we were not fully professional.

  • All the place I worked half time on dhe play football Halftime.

  • So thanks to that, I came out in in So that was good memories, of course, but there was a time when you say you were probably the most in demand manager in European football.

  • Certainly in Italian football.

  • Yes, you know, if you win the league in Italy and you're not managing, you've entered me long rent.

  • It's always big.

  • Huge because it happens very, very seldom.

  • It's always you were me long winter, winning more or less always so yeah, well, I was lucky team not winning anything for 20 years, something like that.

  • Suddenly we had a great team and one, I think, seven trophies in three years.

  • So that was a great time.

  • Good to go to live in Rome.

  • I'm sure it was a lot of fun wherever you live.

  • Spend as I recall, that was that was the 1st 30 years.

  • And then, of course, there was the chapter post England, a cz well, which started with Manchester City dipping your toe back into international management again, but less to there stands out.

  • And that was a time when, unless they were in the championship.

  • But you were the first appointment of each.

  • I shiver down a proper who very sadly of course, died last year.

  • Was his vision to be for Lester to be the club that we are seeing now challenging for titles challenging for the Champions League places?

  • Absolutely.

  • That's what he told me when I signed the contract with them.

  • He and his son top and he had big visions.

  • Great man.

  • Very generous, very honest.

  • On DDE, I've always felt very welcome to that club.

  • And even after when they sacked me and they sacked me rightly because, ah, I got the money to buy players to go up to Premier League and the place we bought, they were not successful.

  • So it was right that dissect me the right thing to do have wells.



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