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  • NARRATOR: The name Perkins carved in stone.

  • Below a gothic tower, a boy navigates with a cane.

  • MILLER: You really can't separate out

  • sexuality and social skills,

  • because sexuality is really your maleness or your femaleness,

  • and it's how the world relates to you in those roles,

  • the expectations that society puts on you

  • relative to behavior, you know,

  • simple things like how a man and a woman react to one another

  • or treat each other in public, things like that.

  • So really, you can't separate the two.

  • And one of the biggest problems in this area

  • is that everybody concentrates on the little word "sex,"

  • and actually, you know, sex is who we are, not what we do.

  • NARRATOR: In a photograph, three adolescent friends

  • who are visually impaired share a laugh.

  • A girl with braces wears a broad smile

  • as she stands between two male classmates.

  • I think one of the bigger challenges is, many times,

  • getting both educators and families to understand

  • that the very young child, when you're starting to talk

  • to preschoolers about this topic and talking to parents,

  • is that they will become adolescents.

  • And I think that's the bigger challenge,

  • because socially we tend to think of people

  • with disabilities as not ever growing up, and they do grow up,

  • and many times, that's when people think about the topic

  • of sexuality education and social skills,

  • because it becomes more problematic.

  • NARRATOR: Fade to black.

NARRATOR: The name Perkins carved in stone.


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B1 中級

社會技能和性教育中的問題(第1章,共7章) (Issues in Social Skills & Sex Education (Chapter 1 of 7))

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