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  • ONLY in JAPAN Welcome to Fukuoka these are the Hakata

  • ramen stands or Yatai in Wakasu and I came here for one reason particular eat

  • some ramen there isn't any dish more famous in Fukuoka than tonkotsu ramen

  • here along the Naka River is an area dedicated to pop-up ramen stands that

  • look like shacks strangers sitting shoulder-to-shoulder around a ramen chef

  • eating and drinking throughout the night it's a traditional site from decades

  • past it's not easy to pick a you tied to visit most visitors aren't from Fukuoka

  • it attracts many more tourists and locals these days the ramen here is

  • decent basic tonkotsu ramen but way overpriced for the quality which is why

  • most locals take a pass only visiting when they need that quick trip down

  • memory lane yatai tonkotsu ramen it's great when you're hungry but the taste

  • is nothing special just the basics

  • no spoon at your tie you drink from the bowl

  • there are some things to note about eating here it is nice to get that

  • old-world ramen experience eat outdoors and meet new people but the staff is a

  • little pushy the ramen is nothing special and it's just too overpriced for

  • what you get so where do the locals go I wanted to find out the Nakasu area is

  • loaded with ramen shops you don't have to go just to the yatai on the Riverside

  • you can go to one of many ramen shops in this area and the one I'm about to take

  • you right now is really really good this is you UNARI RAMEN open from 6:00 p.m.

  • to 6:00 a.m. I guess you could say it's open for breakfast Nakasu is Fukuoka's

  • entertainment district which is why ramen is so popular here it's either the

  • first or last meal of the night I ordered the highly recommended Gyokai

  • tonkotsu ramen for 720 yen

  • the chashu pork is blow torched the bowls are heated to maintain the correct

  • temperature it's a professional touch

  • the noodles are cooked in boiling water

  • the chef adds the tonkotsu broth makes the dashi fish soup stock

  • the noodles are shaken dry

  • add it to the soup and then set to settle the flavor

  • next up is that blow torched chashu I asked for a special topping a half boiled egg add

  • a little negi for the finish

  • Wow Gyokai tonkotsu ramen is lighter than the usual tonkotsu ramen because of the

  • mix of the fish soup stock it leaves you refreshed not weighed down you can tell

  • because it's not too oily on the surface it's a wonderfully balanced taste the

  • noodles slightly firm perfect the noodles the chashu, the soup all the

  • ingredients just come together and that's what makes this shop really

  • really special the broth also has pieces of onion in it which I really loved

  • folks when you have really really good ramen I'm talking about the best ramen

  • it changes you you can't go back from that moment there's good ramen and then

  • there's great ramen this is great ramen and once you've had this experience of

  • going to that level you can't go back this is life-changing

  • now add that half boiled egg and go even deeper to the farthest end of the ramen

  • galaxy that's where heaven is but take note those heavenly gates are only open

  • from 6:00 to 6:00

  • so this is the Fukuoka Tenjin area it's about a 15-minute walk from Nakasu and

  • behind me you can see very interesting - two yatai

  • and it seems on a lot of the street corners here in Fukuoka in the center

  • you'll see little stands serving ramen but I've come to Tenjin for one reason

  • in particular here lies the cheapest tonkotsu ramen in

  • the city and I'm going to see if it's worth the 280 yen that's right I said

  • 280 yen or about two dollars and fifty cents that's about 70% cheaper than the

  • price of most normal bowls here do we get what we pay for

  • or will it exceed our wildest expectations the shop calls this the

  • Oishii ramen it's got to be good with a name like that customer turnover here

  • is fast staff working in overdrive from open to closed for two hundred and

  • eighty yen it exceeded the yatai ramen and quality taste and price yeah you've

  • got to go here now 280 yen is is like a fraction of what you pay for ramen in

  • most places but man that's billing and the average stay of people eating the

  • ramen there is 3 minutes literally the guy sat down next to me he ate it got up

  • wait left and then he had a smoke awesome that's the Fukuoka ramen experience

  • man go in eat your ramen real fast go out and have a smoke. Are you getting it?

  • this is a serious ramen town I made one more stop on my ramen binge tour the

  • newly opened Ramen Stadium in a Nakasu shopping mall it's like a museum inside

  • very clean and easy to navigate many famous restaurants with satellite shops

  • in the same stadium ramen stadium

  • pay us a vending machine I went for the basic tonkotsu ramen. Yes! Katamen.

  • Wait a moment. Boom! That's a beautiful bowl of ramen with a very well-balanced tonkotsu

  • broth this is the new face of ramen in Fukuoka from yatai stands to shopping

  • malls if you didn't get that ramen fever before you came your will by the time

  • you leave Fukuoka. Itadakimasu. Never mind those planes and trains it's all

  • about the adventure of meeting new people on the road and seeing the

  • lesser-known corners of one of the world's safest and most beautiful

  • countries if you liked it hit that subscribe button and watch another one

  • of ONLY in JAPAN shows

ONLY in JAPAN Welcome to Fukuoka these are the Hakata


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福岡拉麵大吃特吃★ONLY ONLY JAPAN。 (Fukuoka Ramen Eating Spree ★ ONLY in JAPAN)

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