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  • Do you have any sense?

  • You are horrible.

  • This is just unacceptable.

  • I have just taken enough from you and I just can't stand this anymore.

  • Get out of this office right now.

  • Has anyone yelled at you like this before?

  • We'll be at your word.

  • Please be a drawbridge or just someone who just yells and cannot talk.

  • Talk.

  • I become very flustered and, you know, I just can't speak when people yell at me like this because shouting is an extreme expression off anger.

  • I mean, it's Boyle int.

  • It's a farm off domination.

  • So how do you deal with people yelling at two one friends?

  • I have a video for you on skill, Opie there, which will help you to understand that why people yell and how do you actually handle such situations?

Do you have any sense?


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如何應對對你大喊大叫的人?處理粗魯和憤怒的人 | 自我提升視頻 (How to Deal With People Who Shout At You? Handling Rude & Angry People | Self-Improvement Video)

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