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  • you live in a way.

  • Wait, No, Gentlemen.

  • Miniature Michael Open.

  • Right, Ricardo, The start of the stuff from the dermatologist.

  • I have me much for walking.

  • Theo Quy DJ Gdynia stem.

  • Plus the fact that it leech it It is?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, Chastity else.

  • Uniforms.

  • Oh, and Theo.

  • Everyone to singer and give concerts on his Administering the hail Cool Vincent Hill.

  • More sexy open.

  • You're Yes, then And Klink the Taco.

  • Calico!

  • Michael.

  • It consumes the haze atop systems it cannot look like.

  • And also a little more like he's onto.

  • Senior.

  • But the oxen Sharma saved my baby.

  • You clean those off himself and accept the hell you're given team.

  • Look, Theo stares you in the form of disease and gave it holding a remote and taste some.

  • There's a younger Got the voice, Veena.

  • Hey, stand, ma'am.

  • Attain of thinking, eh?

  • O'Connell Yeah, Yeah.

  • Ah, that's an angle Basic on the new name Stiffs will not come.

  • I'm also Mitch up the hill.

  • Hello.

  • Hello.

  • Extension number cares the hill.

  • Who barked?

  • Alec Cooler customer 1000 Tron.

  • And look to rock my our pink limousine.

  • Barbara in the workshop skin Iraq and who were not made at, dear.

  • Well, the Harry Carter, the in your start gonna holla.

  • Yeah, I guess.

  • This'll believe me, Miss Leather on.

  • See Margot from a pop singer?

  • Knishes neither.

  • Love handles at focus off food Ever gonna hear book in a bag?

  • Bring it.

  • And I broke a story.

  • A story?

  • No steam Vina A coach exited since for a car it don't you see a lot of Get it, Get it, get it to market Hey, it is shared a doctor!

  • Well, Derek Logan.

  • Beija Pope Leo was my lover.

  • Had a maid called Omega Delta Wait in the battles And Plasil's Everhart here, eh?

you live in a way.


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B2 中高級

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