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  • my name's Armando Techo.

  • I'm the chef and owner of F O B in Carroll Gardens.

  • So when you say Filipino barbecue, it really is skewered meat, chicken or pork, and it gets marinated in seven up and garlic and source of Americans brought over catch up.

  • And from what I hear from what I read, there was a shortage of tomatoes in the Philippines, so they substituted it with bananas, and it just stuck.

  • So we used banana catch like American barbecue sauce on base of ketchup, so the flavors are not on familiar, sweet, tangy smoking.

  • That's definitely street food, you know, like a little kiosk tie with a little grill on the street.

  • Oh, are you cooking yourself?

  • Find a family gatherings, picnics, backyard barbecues, pork ribs or something you'll find cooked in different flavors and forms the Philippines.

  • I do mind with the homemade banana barbeque sauce that get slathered on top, take off the ends, turn into a ST Louis cut, and then to that we put some ago beer, onions, garlic, carrots, bay leaves, lots of tomato paste, a little bit of oyster sauce, a glass of soy sauce.

  • No salt because you know it's dry it out gets praised for about two and half three hours, so it's fork tender, and once it's like kind of settled at that were portion it, and then we grill it and baste it again and again until he gets that like lacquer kind of sticks to the top of your teeth.

  • Fixed your fingers, a little char on it, the skewers.

  • We use pork and we use chicken marinated overnight and then you grill him.

  • Be careful not to over grill him.

  • Don't go.

  • Come too much, sort of super soft and tender.

  • That's going to get base it again with that Filipina Barbie is us.

  • So in a cell comes from the desires of the Philippines.

  • It's chicken marinated in lemongrass and ginger, garlic and vinegar.

  • And then when it's grilled while it's cooking, it always gets basin with a not a butter.

  • We just based it again and again until it melts on there.

  • When you serve, it should have some of that on auto butter, so you get that like kind of butter component with a little acidity from the vinegar.

  • So say pork belly in Philippines is a tempo.

  • We make ours very traditional.

  • We put in onions and garlic and soy sauce, a little bit of vinegar, and it marinates.

  • It goes on the grill.

  • We try to keep a nice balance of meat and fat meat and fat ratio on it, and then we serve it with a chili dipping sauce.

  • You Filipinos are crazy about their food.

  • Like any culture, I don't want his Filipinos like in any culture.

  • Food is the center of your occasions, right?

  • It's really food.

  • You find the house of a very passion about keeping the flavors that either weather cook better grandmother cooking.

  • So these air like things that my parents cook in the house.

  • And I always say, and I tell my cooks, at one point in your career, you'll go back to what you like.

  • You should learn, and you should cook many different things to get that experience to get that knowledge.

  • But at some point you will take that knowledge and you'll cook what you crave.

my name's Armando Techo.


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菲式燒烤是烤肉愛好者的必修課|美食技巧 (Filipino Barbecue Is a Must for Grilled-Meat Fanatics | Food Skills)

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