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  • way straight.

  • This is not a drill is the road day I do what the fuck I feel for you is made my blueprints All my life got no self created And they keep finest raining blesses made back Just pressure Oh, my God!

  • Oh, my God!

  • You cock block, bitch!

  • I suck you macho socks in my circle We keep thinking the box go hard on you go Legend and me I got no other way Happy's Dish it together, man I do This foot does that nowadays way Wait, I mean Michael Jackson hole Prison action.

  • Okay, I'm in a region known you Just a reenactment KP sign flashes I let a picture perfect life You love your cap When I was down that's what made me feel inferior Straight judging me by my house I just my exterior street I see And what I was made of That's mine Tear your estimate that she break me instead I broke a serious so fuck around like Bobby Brown Massage by naughty in my castle Like Mario I get my hardest You boys got no cardio army clothes Head of my time Like Marty watching a Rick and Morty So while I smoke bodies best for Flo came from the dirt I have to do is grow Remember when my report says had us working way go.

way straight.


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大肖恩 - 去傳奇(壯舉特拉維斯斯科特)[Prod。 (Big Sean - Go Legend (feat. Travis Scott) [Prod. By Metro Boomin])

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