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  • Hello there.

  • This is an Internet video.

  • Slo mo dogs.

  • I don't have a doctor, You know, I don't Thankfully, I know someone who has a dog that looks like a cat.

  • It's like a cat with a dog's head of John Rising.

  • And it's good.

  • No, of course.

  • Soft.

  • So we're gonna film the dog jumping to food on Also running through the field with Booth one.

  • Come on, Come on.

  • Oh, Successful video was the fanciest dog.

  • Bella, The kitchen looking redemption dog was very professional job.

  • Yeah, you're a monster.

  • Good girl.

  • Good girl.

Hello there.


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A2 初級

(Leaping Slow Motion Doggy - The Slow Mo Guys)

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