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  • Ali.

  • How important was it that you got back to back wins in the Premier League on that performance, particularly the second half as well are very, very important way, given ourselves a mountain to climb a times by winning games and loosen and not been consistent.

  • So to get six points to clean sheets in the six days great times.

  • They gave you problems in that first half, but you've managed to dig in, stand your ground to get that important first goal.

  • There were always going to give us problems, but we didn't have Thio handed to them the chances like we did after two minutes.

  • Great recovery by look after Harry and the one you made a little bit of a hash of it.

  • And but the way we grew in the game way look fit.

  • Strong, more spare.

  • We created more space.

  • The more tired they got more space way got on, chances created.

  • Bruno Fernandez again had a big impact on the game.

  • Has his influence even.

  • Maybe surprise you.

  • The way he's just hit the ground running.

  • He's doing fantastic is coming and give everyone a boost.

  • His, uh, he's showing his personality is a man united character.

  • He wants to step out at all traffic and wants the ball all the time.

  • Wants to control the rhythm, want to help his mates, conducted the play and the way it took the penalty was fantastic.

  • So very pleased with him.

  • Can he influence all those around around him and drive them forward as well with what he's got?

  • Yeah, definitely.

  • But is also done something to the crowd because he shows the attributes of a mind United play what the supporters have have seen many, many times before, and he's come in.

  • It's early doors yet, but it is been a great addition to this court.

  • C'mon, Seattle's Golden.

  • No, you said maybe he could hit 20 this season.

  • It's a great finish.

  • Yeah, absolute top class skill, good running behind and then it looks like it Sze out of it.

  • But he shows that skill so many times.

  • Santoso this week has been a good one for him, had like a proper centre forward's goal that against Bruce, she scores individual goal where he just drafts and wins the board.

  • And then this skillful work you spent about United Players Bill of a young player coming through here, that finish formation green.

  • What was what was explosive is also a two goal.

  • This knows how to score a goal.

  • That's, that's Mason.

  • He's a player that we want to give the ball in around the box.

  • But today I thought he grew more and more into the game.

  • In the show's vision, he shows Lincoln Place.

  • Oh, the boy is improving.

  • Finally, you're closing in on those above you.

  • How important is that?

  • You get Champions League football back to the stadium, back to this half of the city?

  • Well, we off course you want to be in the Champions League now.

  • We've got four big games coming up in the league.

  • We got evidence.

  • City, Tottenham, Chef, United all teams top of the around the top of the table.

  • So it's an important month for us.



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