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  • Hephaestus, god of technology, was hard at work on his most ingenious invention yet.

    譯者: Lilian Chiu 審譯者: Carol Wang

  • He was creating a new defense system for King Minos,


  • who wanted fewer intruders on his island kingdom of Crete.

    很努力地投入在 他最別出心裁的發明上。

  • But mortal guards and ordinary weapons wouldn’t suffice,

    他在為米諾斯王 創造新的防禦系統,

  • so the visionary god devised an indomitable new defender.

    米諾斯王希望減少闖入 他的島國克里特的入侵者。

  • In the fires of his forge,


  • Hephaestus cast his invention in the shape of a giant man.

    所以這位有遠見的神便設計了 一個不屈不撓的新防禦者。

  • Made of gleaming bronze; endowed with superhuman strength,


  • and powered by ichor, the life fluid of the gods,


  • this automaton was unlike anything Hephaestus had forged before.


  • The god named his creation Talos: the first robot.


  • Three times a day, the bronze guardian marched around the island's perimeter

    這個機器人有別於赫菲斯托斯 以前鍛造的任何產物。

  • searching for interlopers.

    這位神將這個創造物取名為 塔羅斯:最早的機器人。

  • When he identified ships approaching the coast,

    這個青銅守衛每天會 巡邏該島三次,

  • he hurled massive boulders into their path.


  • If any survivors made it ashore,


  • he would heat his metal body red-hot and crush victims to his chest.


  • Talos was intended to fulfill his duties day after day, with no variation.


  • But despite his robotic behavior,

    他會把他的金屬身體 升溫到紅熱的程度,

  • he possessed an internal life his victims could scarcely imagine.


  • And soon,

    塔羅斯的目的就是日復一日 盡到他的職責,沒有變化。

  • the behemoth would encounter a ship of invaders that would test his mettle.


  • The bedraggled crew of Jason, Medea, and the Argonauts

    他卻具有他的受害者 難以想像的內在生命。

  • were returning from their hard-won quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece.


  • Their adventure had taken many dark turns,

    就要遇到一艘測試 他毅力的入侵者船隻。

  • and the weary sailors were desperate to rest in a safe harbor.

    全身髒亂的一行人返回,包括 傑森、美狄亞,以及阿爾戈英雄,

  • They’d heard tales of Crete’s invulnerable bronze colossus,

    他們剛結束了辛苦獲勝 取回金羊毛的遠征。

  • and made for a sheltered cove.

    他們的冒險經歷了 許多黑暗的轉折,

  • But before they could even drop anchor, Talos spotted them.

    這些疲憊的水手非常渴望 能到一個安全的海港好好休息。

  • While the Argonauts cowered at the approach of the awesome automaton,

    他們聽說克里特有個 刀槍不入的青銅巨人,

  • the sorceress Medea spotted a glinting bolt on the robot’s ankle


  • and devised a clever gambit.

    但,在他們能放下船錨之前, 塔羅斯就發現了他們。

  • Medea offered Talos a bargain:

    雖然這個令人敬畏的機器人 讓阿爾戈英雄畏縮了,

  • she claimed that she could make Talos immortal

    女巫美狄亞注意到在機器人的 腳踝處有個閃閃發光的螺栓——

  • in exchange for removing the bolt.


  • Medea's promise resonated deep within his core.


  • Unaware of his own mechanical nature,


  • and human enough to long for eternal life, Talos agreed.


  • While Medea muttered incantations, Jason removed the bolt.

    美狄亞的保證, 與他的核心深處共鳴。

  • As Medea suspected, the bolt was a weak point in Hephaestusdesign.


  • The ichor flowed out like molten lead, draining Talos of his power source.

    且他有足夠的人性 讓他渴望獲得永生,

  • The robot collapsed with a thunderous crash,


  • and the Argonauts were free to travel home.

    當美狄亞低聲唸咒時, 傑森移除了那個螺栓。

  • This story, first recorded in roughly 700 BCE,

    正如美狄亞所懷疑的,那個螺栓 是赫菲斯托斯在設計上的弱點。

  • raises some familiar anxieties about artificial intelligence


  • and even provides an ancient blueprint for science fiction.


  • But according to historians, ancient robots were more than just myths.


  • By the 4th century BCE,


  • Greek engineers began making actual automatons

    關於這個故事最早的記載 大約是在西元前七百年,

  • including robotic servants and flying models of birds.

    帶著一些對人工智慧的焦慮, 這種焦慮我們再熟悉不過——

  • None of these creations were as famous as Talos,

    甚至還為科幻小說 提供了古老的藍圖。

  • who appeared on Greek coins, vase paintings, public frescoes,

    但,根據歷史學家的說法, 古機器人不只是神話而已。

  • and in theatrical performances.


  • Even 2,500 years ago,

    希臘工程師開始製造 真正的機器人,

  • Greeks had already begun to investigate the uncertain line


  • between human and machine.

    這些創造物都沒有 塔羅斯這麼有名,

  • And like many modern myths about artificial intelligence,


  • Talostale is as much about his robotic heart as it is about his robotic brain.

    公共壁畫上,以及劇院演出中, 都可以看得到塔羅斯。

  • Illustrating the demise of Talos on a vase of the fifth century BCE,


  • one painter captured the dying automaton’s despair


  • with a tear rolling down his bronze cheek.


Hephaestus, god of technology, was hard at work on his most ingenious invention yet.

譯者: Lilian Chiu 審譯者: Carol Wang


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希臘神話中的塔洛斯,第一個機器人--阿德里安娜-馬約爾。 (The Greek myth of Talos, the first robot - Adrienne Mayor)

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