• US /ˈenʃənt/
  • UK /'eɪnʃənt/
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  • adj. 以往的 ; 古代的 ; 舊的 ; 古來的 ; 高齡的 ; 年老的 ; 古代的人 ; 老人 ; 古老的 ; 古 ; 古老 ; 久遠;
  • Some ancient coins were discovered in the remains of the shipwreck
  1. Elderly people over the age of 65.
    I got stuck behind a group of Ancients at the golf course today. I almost didn't finish the back nine.
  2. A group of people from Stargate who built the stargates 3,000,000 years ago they were also called the Al terans. see also Ori
    Daniel jackson became an ancient in season 6, but he de acenended beacuse he couldn't follow the rules.
  3. Meaning something is old, in slang terms. Ususally used in a negative sense of the word.
    "Man, that song's ancient" "I heard that story before, that's ancient"
  4. Slang which originated in Oakland, CA Bootsy, Lame, stupid, Wack, Weak.
    Blood you hella ancient. You hella ancient for that outfit that you wearing